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Buffalo is Fueling the Frontlines

Fueling the Frontlines is a relatively new fundraising initiative that benefits local coffee shops while serving coffee to frontline workers. Seeing that coffee remains as popular as ever, and remains such an important part of so many people’s daily routine, it only made sense that people rally around the local brew shops.

“As of right now, 6,700 cups of coffee will be donated,” said Kaylyn Zurawski, brand manager for Of the Sea, a professional marketing company in Buffalo. “We hope we can make a small difference in [frontline workers’] lives (and help keep them caffeinated).”

This is how it works – there are a couple of options:

  • Donate $250 – supplies 100 cups of coffee to a local organization
  • Venmo $25 to a participating local coffee shop with the words “Fueling the Frontlines”

For both donation options, donors will receive super neat “Coffee Cups of Buffalo” print, featuring the brand logos of 16 different local coffee shops.

To see how your organization can receive coffee, or to see the Venmo accounts for different coffee shops, please visit:

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Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

Spotlight Professional in 2020. Freelance journalist, traveler, dancer, music fanatic, volunteer enthusiast. Loves meeting new people in any and all capacities and helping our beloved city flourish.

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