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VIDEO: “Everything is Going to be All Right”

Some friends passed along Derek Mahon’s poem, ‘Everything is Going to be All Right’ as a way to help us live a little stronger. Beyond its hope, the poem has a certain bravado–acknowledges that there will be pain and loss and insists the sun will still rise in spite of all that.

We wanted to share the poem back to Buffalo, the place and the people who keep reminding us with all that they do, say, and give, of the poem’s insistence that everything is going to be all right—not just by fate, but by strength of character, kindness, and the efforts of the people whose stories we get to tell.

Videographer, Andy Morin, brought to the project a gifted eye and a powerful set of tools. WBFO’s Jay Moran lent us his sonorous voice and powerful interpretation of Mahon’s poem. And Buffalo Rising’s Devin Chavanne produced and so gracefully edited the short.

Mahon’s poem and the chance to bring it to another medium really helped us deal with a lot of what’s happening–and not happening–right now. We hope watching it does the same–even in just a small way–for you. Thanks so much for watching. And if you like it, please share.

Executive Producer, Editor: Devin Chavanne
Dir of Photography: Andy Morin
Voice: Jay Moran
Creative Director: George Johnson

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Written by Buffalo Rising

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