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Old Pink Steak Sandwich pops up curbside at Thin Man

By this time, there are a number of Buffalo food favorites that people would do just about anything to get their hands on. One that comes top of mind is the steak sandwich from the Old Pink on Allen Street. You know, the one that was written up in GQ magazine a few years back? I’m talking about the same steak sandwich that has its own Facebook page.

For those who are feeling the constant pang in their stomachs, because they can’t access one of their coveted Buffalo food groups, we have a surprise for you. Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood Avenue will be firing up the grill on Friday, as Tim Cavanaugh prepares to cook up a storm, featuring the one and only Old Pink fan favorite. That’s right, a steak sandwich and a Thin Man crowler will be sold for $25 (excluding Imperial Stouts), available only with curbside pickup of course. 

Beer 4-9pm | Food 5-9pm | Cans | Crowlers | $12 Bottles of wine all available to go | Thin Man Brewery – 492 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY | (716) 923-4100

There’s a limit to four sandwiches per order (cash only). 

Following is a little background on the famous Old Pink Steak sandwich from a previous BR article:

A Culinary Icon: The Steak Sandwich at the Old Pink

According to Molly Brinkworth, the Old Pink created its steak sandwich in 1968 after her father and uncle, Dennis and Kevin Brinkworth, drew inspiration from a small restaurant in New York City. For their grilled steaks and steak sandwich, the restaurant used the entire loin of a strip steak. Although today the Old Pink does not use the entire loin for their sandwich, Dennis and Kevin found the recipe so delicious that they brought the idea home with them. The steak sandwich uses the best quality rolls available, similar high-quality steak today and with traditional toppings of peppers, onions, and cheese. However, these familiar toppings are spiced up with a secret ingredient that adds a special touch to the steak.

Almost immediately after Dennis and Kevin Brinkworth brought the new steak sandwich idea to Old Pink, the restaurant began selling the item. It has been offered since with no hiatuses, even as the restaurant management occasionally changed. As Brinkworth noted, “[when my father] rented [the Old Pink] out to another person, they offered the sandwich too, so it’s kept up.”

Still today, the steak sandwich has retained its status on the restaurant’s menu while other aspects of the restaurant have
changed. Even the recipe has never been, and never will be, altered in the slightest. As Molly noted, “for 20 years it’s been like this, and we’ll keep it like this for the next 20.”

Lead image courtesy David Rivers

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