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Hands-Free ‘Machine Document’ Saves Time and Lives

A few years back, I posted on a local startup – QTH54 Inc – that was in the business of labeling foods so that people could scan them for pertinent information (where it’s from, the ingredients, etc.).

Tim Williamson, one of the leaders driving the  label-scanning effort, has now come up with an ingenious way for medical entities to scan equipment without touching (and possibly contaminating) the devices. His new offshoot business, aptly called Machine Document, provides doctors, nurses, and technicians with access to vital technical information needed to operate life-saving equipment using a “hands-free” process.

“Once again we connect information (in this case manuals, schematics, how-to-videos, installation instructions etc.), but in this case we are using the information to help people use and service medical equipment,” explained Williamson. “When ventilators (or any equipment used in an isolation room) is moved to another room or hospital (or PT), it must be decontaminated, but more importantly any paper documents that have been in isolation must be decontaminated (good luck with that), or destroyed and replaced. We eliminate the need for paper and expand/expedite information access at the bedside.”

How it works:

  • Manufacturer puts a label on machine, which gives direct access (via phone, tablet, etc.) to the specific documents, procedures, videos, updates in an easily understood interface.
  • The manufacturer also receives a ‘ping’ that their machine was scanned, and where it was scanned.
  • A provider can also access tech support specific for that device with one touch of their phone screen.

Here’s an example of what medical personnel will find when scanning the Astral™ by ResMed:

“What we are doing is dramatically reducing physical contact with machines and support information as well as speed up user familiarity without internet/website searches or fetching the manual in the first place,” said Williamson. “It’s not sexy, it’s everyday practical.”

This “no touch information systems for medical equipment” could be a real game changer for the medical industry, that is too busy saving lives to worry about rethinking and rebooting the way that they access information.

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