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Considerations Regarding the Uptick in Requests to Foster Dogs

Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is a local nonprofit rescue that accepts small breed dogs from abuse situations, surrenders and kill shelters.

During COVID-19, this nonprofit has noticed an uptick in requests to foster dogs, and while they do always want more fosters, they want people to take into consideration the uncertainty of the time span of the coronavirus.

“People may be returning to their jobs in weeks or months,” said Vanessa Gillette, vice president. “We would still need them to continue their commitment to the animal after they return to work.”

Buffalo Pug does not have a shelter, and they limit the amount of foster dogs a family takes in to focus on the dogs’ needs better.

“Many of the dogs we take in are not housebroken and are fearful of humans at first,” Gillette said. “There is a lot of work that goes into fostering.”

Written by Vilona Trachtenberg

Vilona Trachtenberg

Spotlight Professional in 2020. Freelance journalist, traveler, dancer, music fanatic, volunteer enthusiast. Loves meeting new people in any and all capacities and helping our beloved city flourish.

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