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So Long Tom Brady and Maybe Our Way of Life

This is what happens
when a patriot
turns into a buccaneer

when you’re privileged enough
to seek safety or solace
on the open sea

while the rest of us
are having nervous breakdowns
but still tailgating on crumbling docks

despite more important things
to focus on
we stop everything

just to watch Tom Brady
escape New England
land of the pilgrims pride

sports journalists are describing
his escape as earth-shattering
but that seems insulting

yet here we are

Tom will be a pirate
for about $30 million a year
while the rest of us

are struggling
to make ends meet
waiting for a bailout check

from the government
a thousand, maybe two
and hopefully we’ll survive

until the summer
it’s okay though, right?
at least Tom’s out of the division

even the mayor of Buffalo
commented on it
while giving a press conference

about how dangerous it is
out in the open
how hospitals are banning visitors

but at least we’re safe
from Tom’s handsomeness
this is a bizarre time to be alive

at night when the wind taps
on our windows, we freak out
and fight it off

with cans of SpaghettiOs
the ones without the meatballs
because that’s all Wegmans had left

in the morning we stare at the dents
before we stare at Twitter
a storm can mean lots of different things

what about Tom though?
probably somewhere
off the coast of Florida

the captain of a super-secure yacht
I bet he’s using gold binoculars
and watching the wreckage unfold:

confused spring breakers
using secondhand ventilators
as life rafts

nobody knows if they’re sick
drunk or just youthfully enthusiastic
about the end of days

yet here we are

Tom seems be doing okay
us not so much
eyes glued to the sky

waiting for a Hail Mary of cash

Lead image: Photo by HENCE THE BOOM

Written by Justin Karcher

Justin Karcher is currently working from home. Since he is no longer spending time getting to and from work, he is finding some extra time to work on his poetry.

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