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NCCR… To The Rescue!

All over the world, more people are working from home. That means that they are spending more time with their pets. Further, some stay-at-home workers are finding that they are looking for new companions – companions such as cats and dogs, especially since people are isolating themselves within their homes and apartments. Parenting a pet has become the solution for many, to overcome isolation and boredom. Bringing some love in the form of a furry friend has become the answer for many people.

In Western New York, we are lucky to have Nickel City Canine Rescue (NCCR)a rescue organization that scours the country for dogs that are in jeopardy of being put down, due to lack of homes.

“Now more than ever we need to continue doing whatever we can to save as many dogs as possible,” said board member Hannah Fraser. “We are doing everything in our power to keep pulling dogs from high kill shelters and bring them to Buffalo to get adopted. Anyone interested in adopting can apply online and go through our new pre-approval process, which includes a virtual home visit through photos or video chats rather than an in-person visit by one of our volunteers. Despite everything going on, we are still trying to transport as many dogs to Buffalo as we can, which is becoming exceedingly difficult. This past weekend 39 dogs got their freedom ride from Texas to Buffalo. Some went straight into an adopter’s home through our foster-to-adopt program and others went into foster and will soon be posted for adoption! We do have future transports scheduled to bring more dogs up, but with new limitations being imposed daily, we are taking things day-by-day and adapting as needed.”

Anyone interested in adopting can apply online and go through our new pre-approval process, which includes a virtual home visit.

NCCR is facing some adversity at the moment, but the organization is a resilient fighter when it comes to helping dogs that are down and out, no matter where they are or what the circumstances. At this point, one of the biggest hurdles is raising money to keep the operation going. Due to COVID-19, all fundraisers and events have been cancelled which also makes things difficult. “Right now we’re just trying to do whatever we can to save as many dogs as possible,” said Fraser.

Anyone that would like to donate to this cause can do so by clicking here. People can also purchase items from the NCCR online store.

Foster-to-Adopt Program

This program is a wonderful way to see if a dog is the right fit for you and your family prior to committing to adoption. The foster-to-adopt program is designed to allow families to select a dog directly from a shelter that is in need of rescue and to foster the dog for a one-week trial basis to ensure the dog is a great match. To Find out more click here. Also view some of the organization’s FAQ.

For anyone looking to view the adoptable pups, click here. You can read about some of the success stories here.

Here are a few that are currently looking for homes:

Paloma & Pups

Paloma previously had an owner who never took care of her. She gave birth to her 10 puppies under a wood pile. Our rescue partner in TX was contacted by a concerned neighbor, because it was very cold and Paloma was hungry. When the neighbor would fedd Paloma, the owner got mad. The owner even took the pups from Paloma and hid them when they were only about a week old. When the rescue initially reached out, the owner refused help but put the pups back with their mom.

However, the owner soon took them away again and said they wanted the pups to die, didn’t want them, and didn’t want them to find homes. The rescue finally got them to surrender Paloma and the pups, but by then there were only 6 pups left and they lost one. Paloma and her 5 surviving pups arrived in Buffalo this past Sunday, 3/22/20. Paloma is in a foster home and still very scared and flinches with quick movements. However, it’s clear that Paloma LOVES people and is quite the snuggler! Her 5 puppies are in foster and adoptive homes and cute as can be. They have stubby little legs and are almost as wide as they are tall.

Emma & Ella

Emma and Ella are two retriever mix sisters that were found on the streets with one of them injured and dragging one of their back legs behind them. Emma was taken to the vet and they discovered that her leg was fractures and it was quite and old injury. The poor girl’s femoral head was broken off and causing her pain. Due to how old the injury was, she had a lot of muscle wasting and weakness. Unfortunately, the decision was made to amputate the back left leg. It was a very difficult surgery and she was under for quite a while, but she bounced back quickly and the day after surgery she was up and starting to walk on 3 legs! Without the dead weight of useless leg, she is thriving and made her way up to Buffalo with her sister.


Beatrice is a little momma! She was dumped at a gas station very pregnant and it was a bit of scramble to see if we could find a foster and get her up here before she went into labor. Luckily everyone stepped up and she was able to make her way to Buffalo. She’s a small girl at only 15lbs and has the most adorable underbite. She’s due to have her puppies any time within the next week and will now be able to have them in a safe and warm home (photo: inset right).

Storm & Pups (lead image)

Storm and her 6 puppies all came from a hoarding situation where animal control had to step in and remove the dogs for their safety. Storm is a gorgeous border collie mix and all 6 of her puppies are female as well. Mom and pups were all named after female superheroes: Storm, Katana, Zatanna, Domino, Rogue, Raven, and Electra!

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