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White Demise: A Tale About Guns, Bullets, and the Power of Love

A boys haunting dream; two bullets, two guns, two desperate people and the age-old battle between good and evil; life and death. White Demise is the new independent film that fuels this premise and sparks the narrative on both sides of the gun issue. White Demise is a dramatic story about a desperate search for a lifesaving bullet verses a bullet destined to kill its mark. This dilemma embodies the controversy over gun control woven into a riveting 90-minute fantasy-thriller.

Twenty-four-year-old, Daeil Kim is the creator, co-author of the screenplay, the film’s director and editor. His US journey started on April 25, 2017. White Demise was inspired by Kim’s dream about the use of guns. Are they good or are they bad? This dramatic story unfolds revealing both sides of the argument, leaving the viewer to decide where they stand on the controversial issue.

The desire to tell stories and make films came early for Daeil. As a young person he spent time writing stories for friends and family, feeding his deepest desire to someday attend film school in the United States. It was the beginning of a journey to producing his first full-length film. After applying to many colleges in the United States, he was excited to be accepted into a school in New York State; but then shocked when he realized the school that accepted him, SUNY Fredonia, was a mere 500 miles away from the Big Apple. Looking back, “being at Fredonia was serendipity at its best and all a part of God’s plan,” remarked Kim.

All wasn’t lost, as Daeil met and fell in love with Melanie Sudyn, a communications student enrolled in Fredonia who was from Buffalo. Many people don’t find love in a lifetime, but Daeil and Melanie found each other in five days.

“Within a week, I met her and felt a feeling of destiny when I saw her,” said Kim. “I transferred to UB’s film school after she graduated, to be closer to her.” At the end of his semester, he returned to South Korea to finish working on a screenplay called White Demise, he had written earlier in only four days. Melanie joined him and together they spent 14 months editing, rewriting, storyboarding, and producing a concept trailer in preparation for the film. Melanie took on the job of teaching English to Korean students as they worked tirelessly to try to get it done. Their dream was to film the story in Buffalo, NY.

Their dream was to film the story in Buffalo, NY.

Their dream was to film the story in Buffalo, NY. – rich in architecture and ripe with a wealth of shots for great cinematography. So they got married, returned to the U.S. in August of 2018 and began working to find a way to make their dream come true. Melanie happily adopted Daeil’s vision and passion and helped him to create his own production company, Xylograph Films, which allows him to pursue his dreams; and Melanie as the company’s co-founder, continues to be his muse as his co-author, producer, and logistics coordinator.

During this time, Kim’s short film Re-Rehab was selected for screening at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival and the Buffalo International Film Festival. His work was getting noticed. And next came a scholarship offer to a prestigious film school in LA. Daeil however, turned down the offer because, as most aspiring writers and directors, his desire and passion to produce his first full-length film got the best of him. Soon he would get his chance.

While trying to figure out a way to get White Demise produced into a full feature film, Daeil was hired by Hope For The Hurt, Inc to produce a short film called, The Road to Hope; the personal story of Logan Spaschak overcoming domestic violence. Daeil and Melanie were so impressed by the production help from John (Spaschak) Spencer, Logan’s father, that they felt compelled that John was the one to help them produce their screenplay. So they presented John with the opportunity to get involved.

John pondered over the experience of helping with The Road To Hope project; “Last April I had the wonderful experience of working with Daeil and Melanie on the short film, The Road To Hope, for my son. It was a phenomenal experience. They asked me to help produce their screenplay White Demise, and I could not turn down the chance to work with such talented and hardworking people, especially with such an amazing and intriguing drama as White Demise. Truly a gripping and fascinating story.”

In the summer of 2019, the stars aligned for the young up and coming writer/director. He found in John an executive producer as a funder, a film producer and an agent. Fresh new faces began to bring energy and hope to the project. Kim’s project now, was taken off the shelf. With a screenplay drafted at warp speed in only four days, edited and story-boarded in 14 months, the right team assembled, was put to film in just nine days. The project is now in post-production phase and set to be completed by mid-January 2020.

White Demise looks at the best and worst examples in people when considering the use of a firearm. The story itself revolves around a mother desperately hoping to save her sick daughter, by finding this life-saving bullet, called the ‘white bullet’; In this enigmatic world, rumors of a lifesaving antidote spread, but there is also known to be another bullet that if used, is destined to kill. Ultimately the story unveils both sides of the gun debate in a dramatic way, while leaving viewers to decide for themselves where they may stand on the issue.


White Demise is an adult only feature-length film produced by Xylograph Films. It will be previewed at an invite-only private screening at the Aurora Theatre on Saturday January 25, 2020 at 11:00 am.

To learn how you can earn a private invite please visit White Demise on, or

Photos by Daeil Kim

Written by Mark Lazzara

Mark Lazzara

I have a passion for helping my fellow Western New Yorkers and advance the great things that are going on in this region. Buffalo Rising is a great booster and it’s a blast writing and contributing to BR about positive happenings in our neck of the woods. I appreciate the help I’ve received over the years from organizations and people who share my passion and supported me in efforts that put thousands of people to work and resulted in a community give back of more than $115M to Buffalo’s neediest during my days at the helm of AmeriCorps.

I’m especially grateful for the opportunities that enabled me to help cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina and rebuild more than 700 family homes that were destroyed. Back at home, I was able to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience as a coordinator for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition where we were able to repair, beautify and upgrade homes for an entire neighborhood on Buffalo’s Westside. Other projects close to my heart include a collaboration with Sail Buffalo to build the Cazenovia Boating Center at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, and my annual Christmas season time is spent at Buffalo’s treasure, the Broadway Market, playing Santa Clause.

In my other life, I am a workforce development, business, marketing, public relations and fundraising professional. Earned a M.S. Human Service Management from Buffalo State, and enjoy my family life that includes four amazing grandchildren!

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