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The Buffalo Slumpbusters

The Buffalo Slumpbusters strike again!

Hey if you play in the NHL or the NFL and are having a bad stretch, let me introduce you to the glorious teams that reside in Buffalo, NY. Are you having trouble stopping the run? Don’t worry, Buffalo coaching will make sure that you will only face a running back with over 5 yards per carry 8 times all day! Have you lost 4 games in a row and have a QB that can’t make a throw to save his life? No problem at all, our guys will make sure he looks like the 2nd coming of Joe Montana with a glorious game winning TD drive!

Yep, welcome to the wonderful world of Buffalo sports people. A world where they build up your hopes with ugly wins against bad teams, only to collapse against opponents that are in worse shape than your own lovable losers. Can we stop pretending that Josh Allen is going to be anything other than an inaccurate, big armed QB that can run? Fans around here have been dragged through decades of such putrid QB play that they get excited when a guy actually makes 3 or 4 good throws a game. And you know when those good throws happen? When the receiver is less than 20 yards away and wide open. You move that same wide open receiver 30 yards down the field and Allen seems to think that he lives in the next state.

I refuse to blame yesterday’s loss on the defense or the kicking game because the bottom line is that TDs were taken off the board because our QB is the most inaccurate one in the league. Even though I was standing there on draft day, mouth wide open when they picked Allen, I still wanted it to work so badly. The guy has tremendous leadership and great personality, but he has the one fault that can’t be fixed… accuracy. The playoff talk stopped yesterday because the only way this team was going to get to 10 wins was by beating a bad (yet talented) Browns team. With 3 losses in the books, you can most certainly add 4 more to that total which will have them looking on the outside yet again. Dallas, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and New England are all going to run through this team, and I am not so sure Denver is a win any longer.

It was fun while it lasted (kind of), but if anyone was REALLY watching this team, you knew it was all a mirage from the beginning. The number one priority (once again) will be finding a QB that can make the necessary throws to succeed in the NFL. Where did all the back-up QBs appear on other teams that have carried the load while the starters are injured? If they wanted a running QB so badly, why in the world did they not go after Lamar Jackson and make him the project?! That “project” is now in the MVP talk and on the fast-track to the Super Bowl. Don’t worry though, Miami is up next, and surely the Bills can beat them right?

Written by John Nussbaumer

John Nussbaumer

John (Josh) grew up in Buffalo where he stayed until moving to Chicago for 13 years right after college. It is there that he worked for some of the top sports marketing companies in the country.

6 years ago, he formed Bison Entertainment Group which provides client entertaining and incentives to companies all over the world. Whether it is tickets/suites, private housing at the Masters, Super Bowl, athlete/celebrity appearances, putting together national sales meetings or incentive trips, his company covers it all!

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