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I Am Magick

Grant Street is getting more diverse by the day, and I’m not just talking about those that frequent the street. Rather, I’m talking about the mix of businesses. Last week I covered a new vintage shop. Today I’m happy to say that a “magic” shop has opened, but not the type of magic that you’re probably thinking. In this case, entrepreneur Kay Leach has opened a place called I Am Magick, which is an otherworldly type of business, where customers can browse crafty, natural, and supernatural wonders ranging from tarot decks to smoke magic. 

Mural by Alyssa Capri

Upon entering this world of wonders, I was immediately drawn to a giant hunk of Labradorite, which appeared to be calling to me because it was emitting this beautiful greenish blue light. I knew right away what it was because I have a labradorite ring that I wear. “Looks like that stone came out to play,” said Leach. Laughing, and slightly mesmerized, I responded that I was enamored with the stone, and could I take a photo? She said that I could, but that these particular stones could be camera shy. Indeed, as soon as I pointed my camera lens at them their inner radiant light seemed to dim – it was impossible to capture their true inner-radiance. How remarkable?!

I’ve always loved stones. They have a way of calling to you. First they catch your eye with a flicker. Then upon picking up a stone, there is an immediate connection – it’s hard not to rub the smooth surface, to cradle it in your hands, to hold it up to the light, and to think about its history. All of the stones, crystals, and minerals possess different vibrational energies depending on their compositions and their formations. Once you pick up one of these magical spheres, it can be hard to put it back down.

As I circled the store, I asked Leach about her own fascination with this sort of enlightened magic, which is so in tune with our natural surroundings. She told me that her shop was the type of place where nothing was compartmentalized – everything was laid out in more natural settings, with the intention of the various objects drawing people in.

After getting to know Leach a bit better, I flat out asked her if she was a Wiccan. “No,” she responded. “I don’t identify with any particular divination. Personally, I’m a journey that is self led. But I welcome anyone to the shop, no matter what they practice. There’s so much out there.”

Leach told me that she was currently working on obtaining her Master of Fine Arts. In the meantime, she was following her passion. Interestingly, she is in the midst of creating her own tarot deck. She also excels in building custom altars. In fact, anyone can stop in to build one – it all starts with choosing the perfect vintage tray. The altar kit includes smoke magic and crystals. The builder is welcome to add his or her own custom enhancements to the altar, which comes with a tarot message.

Other offerings at I Am Magick include readings (by appointment), and an assortment of consigned items such as sprays and elixirs. Leach invites more people to consign their own spiritual items, and has even invited guest readers to book a chair for a period of time. “I think it’s good to get some people out the shadows,” she told me. “My goal is to eventually have a full apothecary. I am also going to be introducing some workshops, such as crystal and plant pairings and birth chart readings.”

These are the types of places that fascinate me. Leach has created an enchanting little oasis on Grant Street, where it’s OK to let your mind wander and wonder. You don’t really have to be into this stuff to appreciate the surroundings. All you have to have is an open mind, a healthy curiosity, and an appreciation for things that you just don’t see everyday.

As for the name of her shop, I Am Magick, Leach stated, “It is a collective affirmation. It’s not simply stating my own magick, rather that when you say it—you are also affirming your own personal magick!”

I Am Magick | 216 Grant Street | Buffalo NY | Find I Am Magick on Instagram

Written by queenseyes


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