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Buffalo’s back. It’s time to tell our story.

© by Visit Buffalo Niagara | Joe Cascio

By Rachael Herrmann

Have you seen our city lately? Buffalo is barely recognizable.

Through decades of economic downturn, the “City of Light” went dark to the outside world. During that time, the same city—the “City of Good Neighbors”—was working and waiting. Waiting for a time when once again people would see the same incredible place that Buffalonians have been seeing all along. Today, you need only read the London Times or Forbes to realize that once again, the rest of the world is taking note. Buffalo’s back.

Buffalo is a place people want to be. Some are coming home… because for the first time in a long time, they can. There are good jobs here… and good food. Some are coming to visit, not only because our city smells like Cheerios, but because it tastes like chicken wings and because it shines with the pride of its citizens. Some are new to our city, but soon they will love it as much as we do.

We have a story to tell and the world is listening. How we tell our story will determine where we go next. If you look at BN360’s 2018 Young Professional Survey report, it’s clear that young professionals want what Buffalo has to offer: downtown development, adaptive resource of historic and treasured spaces, and great tourism destinations.

Download the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s new Metro 50 report on tourism funding and read through it. See how Buffalo stacks up to our peer metros. Then, take action: Tell your Erie County elected officials that proper funding for tourism promotion is a necessity if others are to learn to love Buffalo as much as we do!

For me, Buffalo has always been home, and it will always be. The time is now. Will you take action so that we can tell our story?

Written by BN360


BN360 is the region’s premier young professionals program. Through a variety of programs and events, BN360 focuses on the tenets of: connect, develop, and empower—creating an inclusive and collaborative network of resources that can empower talented individuals to achieve their goals for professional growth and success. BN360 is a program of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

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