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Frequency Therapeutic Massage

When the weather gets colder and the days shorter, our bodies react, at least mine does. There is no denying that the seasons affect us. Muscles contract, aches and pains can call our attention. Then what?

There is nothing like a good massage to relax the muscles, relieve the aches and pains and make you feel good again. Joseph Myers, owner of Frequency Therapeutic Massage wants to get the word out that massage is for everyone, so he opened a studio in the Horsefeathers Building at 346 Connecticut Street. A native Buffalonian, Joe is coming home after operating his business in Fredonia, for the last two years.

Myers’ location, pricing, hours (Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment only) and approach are geared toward making massage accessible to more people. He wants to clear up misconceptions about massage and target clients’ needs so he incorporates different bodywork modalities into his practice. According to Myers, “People are different and need different things and may be unsure of what to ask for when it comes to massage therapy and bodywork. I like to incorporate many different types of touch and massage modalities into my sessions to get a sense of what resonates with people.”

The modalities offered at Frequency Therapeutic Massage include: Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, and trigger point therapy. They also offer special treatments like sugar foot scrubs and aromatic scalp treatments. From head to toe, there is something for every body. Joe is not only a licensed massage therapist but also a musician. He came to massage therapy through experiencing its benefits when he suffered from “shoulder pain related to holding guitars and throwing my body around while performing.”

Massage not only has physical benefits; it can also soothe the mind and soul. It’s one of my personal favorite stress-reducers. Myers describes his clients as “those who are interested in forming a deeper relationship with the mind and body, and those who strive for more connection and balance.”

There is research out there about the benefits of massage, but the best kind of research has to do with the experiments you do yourself. If you experience massage as helpful, that’s all you need to know. Just don’t make a decision before trying it out. Frequency Therapeutic Massage offers options including five to twenty minute long chair massages.

You can meet Joe and fellow massage therapist, Emily Engel, on Friday, September 20th from 5:00 to 7:30 the Horsefeathers building at their meet and greet with refreshments and chair massages for all who attend. In the meantime, visit the website at or call 716-785-6143 for an appointment.

Photo by Carrie Nelson 

Written by Judith Frizlen

Judith Frizlen

Judith Frizlen is the founder of the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center and author of Words for Parents, Words for Teachers and Caregivers and Unpacking Guilt, a Mother's Journey to Freedom. Books and blogposts are on her website at She is a fan of early childhood, urban architecture and the revitalization of Buffalo.

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