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Silo City: Why Here Why Now by Jodi Lynn Maracle

Jodi Lynn Maracle is a Kanien’keha:ka mother, artist, teacher and language learner. Using Haudenosaunee material language and techniques, Maracle produces mixed medias (sound scapes, projections, video, and performance), to pay tribute to tribal material culture, language, land, and birth practices. As an artist, Maracle sets out to “interrogate questions of place, power, erasure, story making, and responsibility to the land.” And if there was ever a time in our history that we could use some old world life lessons, it would be now.  

Maracle’s research as a PhD student at the University at Buffalo focuses on Haudenosaunee material culture, language, land and birth practices.

In a day and age, when we have essentially lost our way, relying on technology to get us through our lives, it is of utmost importance to step back, and rethink out values, our paths, and our relationship to the mother earth. Over the last 100 years we have traded in meaningful daily practiced and rituals, which were not only considered survival techniques, they also made us appreciate the things that we have – food, furniture, clothing, etc. Today we simply click a button and Amazon takes care of it all for us, or we ask Siri for directions. Instead of driving technology, technology drives us.

Maracle’s show, Why Here Why Now, will open our eyes to ways of life (and even languages) that are long lost on us. And what better place to showcase these lessons than Silo City – an area of Buffalo that embodies aspects of the industrial revolution, while being in a constant state of transitional flux. With pollinator fields being planted… bounded by water (once dirty, now cleaner), entropy taking hold (in one instance), promises of development (in another instance), and cultural events that play off the evolving landscape, this is a chance to come face to face with the past, the present, and a future that is not written in stone.

Join Squeaky Wheel at Silo City for Jodi Lynn Maracle’s multi-media installation WHY HERE WHY NOW, an exploration of and inquiry into the relationship between body, land and language. This one-day installation highlights a history that prioritizes not only indigenous, Haudenosaunee, and Onöndowa’ga:’ experiences and relationships in the past, but prioritizes the contemporary relationship of Haudenosaunee peoples to this land and the stories of this land. What does it mean to move about this land and remember what was done? What does it mean to live with the specter of “Indian” at every turn?

“This is the final event of our Workspace residency, one of our signature programs. Culled from an open call for applications, this competitive residency program awards successful applicants with stipends, access to equipment and facilities, and more for the creation of new or ongoing work on their media arts projects.” – Ekrem Serdar, curator at Squeaky Wheel

This event is presented as part of Squeaky Wheel’s Workspace Residency. The Workspace Residency is a project-based residency for artists and researchers working in media arts. Open to applicants from Buffalo and across the U.S., the residency connects artists and researchers with resources, time, and studio space to support the creation of new work or to continue ongoing projects. The residency is offered twice a year: A two-week session that takes place in the month of March, and a three-week session that takes place in August. 

Silo City: WHY HERE WHY NOW by Jodi Lynn Maracle

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

6–8pm @ Silo City, Marine A

Free and open to the public

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