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Looking Back: Night Lights Music Festival 2019

“Either you were there or you missed it...”

Author: Joe Radgowski | Photos by Charlie Abbott

I would like to expand and clarify the subtitle of this article before I tell My Story…

When you go to a live music event your favorite band might play a song you love, but the version of the song is a Once in a Lifetime experience. Hence the subtitle; “Either you were there or you missed it.” The bands at Night Lights, through cooperation and collaboration, were able to expand on these unique one-time songs by adding what I call “a Floating Musician!” The very talented guitarist/singer from Dopapod, Rob Compa, joined several bands on stage making each song special. History was made at Night Lights 2019 and it was Awesome.

Uncle Mike’s Random Company took the stage with Vinnie from Moe on drums, Rob from Dopapod on guitar/vocals, Alric “A.C.” from Tauk on keyboards, Evan and Mike from Aqueous, and we all knew we were going to be treated to some of the finest musicians/music in the world. They started their set with “Black Sabbath War Pigs” – the precise quality of song played exactly as it was written, but a unique Uncle Mike Version, that might very well be better than the original. Either you heard it Live or you missed it.

I would like to take a moment and emphasize that these talented musicians and bands are not in competition with each other, but help each other through cooperation and collaboration. That is why so many bands add a featured artist to a song. Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus are the best example to date. Two artists combined together to create a song “Old Town Road” hoping it will be good enough to hit Billboards Top 100 and once there let it move up in the charts. They had no idea, “Old Town Road” would smash all the records, being #1 for weeks on Billboard Top 40. Cooperation, collaboration, not competition. The new business model – not just music – is now the best way to be successful.

My Story of Night Lights Festival Begins Now.

When you arrive at the Heron music venue, a line of cars at the gate forms a stop and go traffic jam. The volunteers are checking cars and people, and giving them their wristbands. This is where the thing we call “The Vibe” starts. It is caused by the anticipation and excitement, the positive happy energy the people are bringing in one car at time. When you get your wristband you let off a happy vibe as you slowly drive to park. Each car has that same super excited, high energy, happy people, adding to “The Vibe”.

By Thursday night, this Positive Energy Force we call “The Vibe” creates a halo over the Heron Music Venue. As everyone gets settled in the low rumble you hear is not music but people talking and getting ready to make memories.

Night Lights spent the time and money to make several large 4×8 signs with maps of the Heron, along with artists stages and set times. Perfect and environmentally friendly – save a tree… you point and shoot with your cell phone, no paper and you now have everything you need on your person. Thank you!

The organizers, production people who were ultimately responsible for getting everyone settled and into the groove were nothing short of musical genre genius. Each performance flowed from one band to the next like dominos – as one ended the other began creating a harmonious transition… from one band to the next. This helped “The Vibe” grow larger as the crowd’s energy never stopped. It was during this time that people met up with old friends, and made new friends… all day… and all night long. It was One Big Happy Community that started to form.

The Universe now notices there is a Positive High Energy Force over the Heron. The Universe helps connect people that would not normally connect. I would like to add, the guys’ collective respect for the ladies at Night Lights was enormous, helping create a happy, harmless, upbeat dance experience. The ladies were able to dance wild and free, happy and fun all night long. The respect for one other only added to the Happy Positive Vibe. This Vibe is now so big, it can be seen from satellites in outer space. Aliens for other planets would take notice and want to join this Happy Place called Night lights music festival – “The Best Small Music festival in America”.

The Excitement for headliner Girl Talk was huge. When Girl Talk took the stage the flat area at the main stage was already filled. Somehow more and more people came, and in time everyone was standing side by side inches from each other. Girl Talk created a super high energy dance-your-ass-off attitude like no other Night Lights. Hundreds of people dancing and jumping up and down, shoulders touching. What an incredible experience.

Huge thank you to TSP Entertainment Presents and everyone who helped. The lineup was stacked with talent, that was unique, well balanced, and one of kind.

Thank you to the Light and Sound companies for excellent quality sound. Loud enough but you could still tell your bestie you have to pee.

Night Lights 2019 will go down as one of the best. I am trying to “COIN a Phrase” “WE Go for the Music but it is People who Make Memories” – I am 100% sure everyone who went created lasting memories. So many photos taken they will help bring back memories for years to come.

Huge shout out to everyone who went for making my memories.

I cannot wait till Next Year… and I am not even home from this year’s festival!

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