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Let’s Go Buffalo: Time to Bring Love, Joy, and Frosting to the 716

Donations needed to open a Buffalo chapter of For Goodness Cakes, a national non-profit that helps at-risk and foster youth celebrate their birthdays

Author: Karen Monaco

Think back to your birthdays over the years. Most likely, at the very least, you had a cake someone bought or even better, made for you. Frosting, candles, vanilla, chocolate, making a wish — it’s a sweet treat that is so much more than just dessert. You felt acknowledged, special, and worthy of a piece of sugary goodness that celebrated you.

The reality for many at-risk and foster youth is that their birthday will come and go like any other day — not even a simple cake to let them know that someone cares. For Goodness Cakes, a national non-profit whose mantra is to “spread love, joy, and frosting,” was created to help needy kids celebrate their birthdays. Their volunteers, who bake and deliver personalized birthday cakes, are matched with local agencies who serve these youth.

It’s time to bring this amazing organization to the Queen City. Buffalo – the City of Good Neighbors, lover of all things food, and the most generous place around, is a perfect fit for a new chapter of For Goodness Cakes. It’s time to embrace our city’s palpable momentum and match our dedicated community agencies with the throngs of caring volunteers that will undoubtedly will come out of our Western New York woodwork. It’s time to put Buffalo on the map and join cities like Philly and L.A. who have stepped up to the plate.

In order to make a Buffalo chapter of For Goodness Cakes a reality, we need donations to get it up and running. Any amount will help us bring smiles and hope to incredible kids in Western New York who are truly deserving of the joy this organization brings. Your tax deductible donation can be made here:just be sure to select the Buffalo chapter.

And for you skeptics who may think it’s just a birthday cake?These heartfelt confections provide a much-needed spark of joy for kids who have very little to look forward to, creating a sense of hope at a critical age, well after their last bite. Founder and Executive Director Jaime Lehman describes the magic of a cake delivery in the organization’s early days: “it was my first time coming face to face with it- the smiles on their faces, the incredible appreciation of these amazing kids who just wanted to celebrate a birthday with someone – it was worth every second.”

Let’s go Buffalo – we can get a chapter up and running in the 716 and show our youth that we are talkin’ proudto help them celebrate a birthday they will never forget.

For more information, visit, or contact Buffalo Chapter Lead Karen Monaco at

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