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Bringing Plant-Based Options to Tim Hortons

For those in need of dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan options, imagine this scenario: You are rolling up to your local Timmy Ho’s drive-thru window to place an order for a meatless sausage sandwich with a dairy-free iced cappuccino. Well believe it because this is real and it’s happening right before our eyes!

Currently, 30 Tim Hortons locations in Buffalo carry soy milk so now you can indulge in lattes, cappuccinos, and a simple iced coffee. Right across the Canadian border, Tim Hortons recently launched their vegetarian and vegan sandwiches in collaboration with Beyond Meat. So knowing us, we of course had to make the short trip to Canada to see for ourselves. We were shook. Following a vegan diet, the convenience of a drive-thru isn’t really a thing for us so you could only imagine our excitement. The 3 sandwiches launched are:

Beyond Sausage Egg & Cheese

Beyond Sausage  Farmer’s Wrap

Beyond Sausage  Lettuce Tomato (vegan)

Before you jump to the “well fast food isn’t healthy…”, we aren’t saying it is. But whenever you order out or choose a fast food option, you’re typically looking for convenience, not health. 

Regarding the nutritional information for the vegan sandwich, it comes in at 370 calories with 19 grams of fat, 25 grams of carbs, and 16 grams of protein. Not too bad. But you’re probably wondering about taste… and let us tell you, it’s delicious! Any meat-eater would not know the difference between this 100% plant-based sausage and a regular one. We can assure you of that!

So these plant-based sandwich options have been rolled out in Canada and now we patiently await for them to come to the US, as similar to the soy milk trend. It has come to our attention that the reason why some locations have soy milk and others don’t is based upon the manager of the franchise. We created and put forth a petition back in the winter of 2017 and we believe this has converted a lot of our local Tim Hortons to start carrying it. So now, of course, we are creating a revised petition to attempt to bring the Beyond Meat sausage to locations here in Buffalo! It may be a lofty idea but we need to at least try. If interested in signing this petition, please click here.

The list of local Tim Hortons who carry soy milk in Buffalo can be found below:

You can also check here to see this list as we consistently update it with new locations carrying soy milk and the status of the Beyond Meat sausage making its way to Buffalo. We hope this campaign resonates with people who suffer from dairy allergies, vegans, and just those looking to change it up. Please share this campaign with your friends and family. With strategic nudging, we may even get an almond milk alternative… and of course the ever popular plant-based sausage patty to the BUFFALO region. Tim Hortons is an interwoven part of our community and we strongly believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy their offerings.

On another note, we are super excited to announce that we have recently signed a book deal with Buffalo Heritage Press – the White Gloved Vegan Cookbook will be released Fall of 2021. This cookbook will be unlike anything that has come before it, from a starter guide on eating more plant-based day to day, to our back story on Alex’s near death experience with heart disease at a young age. With other cutting edge twists that have yet to be announced, we have very high hopes that this cookbook will reach many. From our publisher to our sponsors, with plant-based eating on the unprecedented rise, it is safe to say we couldn’t be more excited and honored for this opportunity, and the next step in our journey of the White Gloved Vegan.

To get a behind the scenes look of the making of a cookbook, follow @whiteglovedvegan on Instagram and Facebook.

Written by White Gloved Vegan

White Gloved Vegan

White Gloved Vegan is a movement to break stereotypes associated with veganism and inspire others to adapt a plant-based lifestyle. The “white glove” signifies that a vegan can be a class act high standing individual and not be ridiculed for going against society norms. Articles are written by founders Brittany Kruse and Alex Miller.

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