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BFLO Hall of Fame Experience to induct “Bills Elvis” into Fan Wall of Fame.

There is a Buffalo Bills fan who is seemingly as popular as the players. At each home game, the television cameras almost always include a few shots of the same Bills fan dressed as Elvis Presley rooting on the team. The guitar-waving “Bills Elvis” has been an indelible image at Bills games for 27 years. In a role-reversal on Monday, June 3rd, instead of cheering on his favorite team – Bills Elvis will be on the receiving end of applause and adoration.

BFLO Hall of Fame Experience has announced the second Fan inducted into the “Fall Wall of Fame.” On Monday June 3, legendary sportscaster Chris Berman will officially announce John R. Lang a.k.a. “Bills Elvis” onto the “Fan Wall of Fame” as part of the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience. The honor will take place at the Town Ballroom during the event “Circle the Wagons with Chris Berman and The Twang Gang Band.” Chris will also be making a special guest appearance with the band as well.

VIP and general admission tickets for the event can be purchased here.

John R. Lang is a Bills and Buffalo sports fan that loves his community of Western NY. He has also been a season ticket holder since 1992. The whole Elvis routine came about when he made a bet with a Miami Dolphin fan to get on national television during a game. He created the Elvis costume, put a “squish the fish” on the guitar… and he won the bet and was featured in nearly every game after that.  If you watch the Bills games on television or go to the games yourself, no doubt you have seen Bills Elvis. Each week he customizes his guitar to call out the opposing team or something in the news. He has been in commercials and featured on ESPN and CBS. Bills games have been part of his great family gatherings and camaraderie for generations. John also has a tailgate each week with about 50 friends from Lockport along with his wife Therese, daughter, Abbey and son, Johnathan.

“A huge thank you to everyone for the past 27 years that I have had fun with at the games and to all Bills fans for helping me to continue the great tradition. I have plans to be at every home game and eventually the Super Bowl!”

John’s tribute follows the induction of Pancho Billa, who was the first inductee in December 2018. Upon hearing about the future induction, Pancho called John congratulating him a few weeks ago – Pancho stated “I am honored to be next to him on the Fan Wall of Fame. Viva Los Bills.”

“The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is not just to honor inductees but also to honor the fans that have shown their support over many decades for Buffalo sports teams, musicians, and broadcasters. The Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame will be a tribute to the fans and their dedication to being a #1 Fan,” said Therese Forton-Barnes, director of Strategic planning for the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience.

The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is a 501(c)(3) with a Board of Directors that is comprised of representatives from three Buffalo Halls of Fame: Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, and Buffalo Broadcasters Association. They have been collaborating to bring one Hall of Fame to Buffalo that would feature these three genres.  It will feature the history from each organization, enhanced with iconic memorabilia and interactive participation.

Photos courtesy John R. Lang and The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience

Written by Doug Sitler

Doug Sitler

Doug Sitler has been part of Buffalo's public relations community since 1993. During the day, he serves at the Director of National Media Relations at University at Buffalo. In his spare time, he has been the creative force behind NIGHT LIGHTS, Rock the Barn Clarence, Griffis Sculpture Park Summer Festival and countless other events.

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