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Get Crafty @ Lumpy Buttons!

Back in February, ShopCraft moved out of the back space at Thin Ice, to set up a stand alone shop just down the street (see story). When ShopCraft vacated the space, it left a void, which is now being filled by another crafty entrepreneur by the name of Esther Neisen. 

If you’re into the craft scene in Buffalo, chances are that you’ve seen Neisen around town. If you haven’t seen her, then I bet that you’ve seen some of her work. That’s because she’s been sewing felt plush objects for years, and her works have been showcased at numerous retail outlets, including stores and bazaars. 

“I have been hand sewing felt plush, finger puppets, pins, ornaments, and patches/hats at vending events and on consignment for almost ten years now,” said Neisen. “The new shop is going to have all those same things and more as time goes on as well as some consignment from New York craftspeople, craft kits from small makers around the states (in case you want to start learning/making a project), and some craft supplies for making your own items from scratch.”

If you think about it, there are not many crafty places to shop in the city – places to get fabrics, and yarns, and various other supplies. I think that Neisen could be onto something here.

Pet ties

“Therese Deutschlander (owner of Thin Ice) will be getting some yarns/fabrics as well,” mentioned Neisen. “So we are hoping –  between the two of us in that space – to be a walkable place on Elmwood for nabbing craft supplies instead of having to go out to a JOANN Fabric or a Michael’s.”

It’s always interesting to hear how certain craftspeople get their start, especially when that passion turns into a business enterprise. “I actually started selling pins off a porch during Allentown to pay for my cat’s dental surgery if you would believe it?” Yes, being an animal lover, I do believe it. And the name of the shop? Lumpy Buttons? “The black cat in the logo, whose nickname is Buttons the Lump, was my husband’s chubby cat who passed away,” said Neisen.

Now, if you’re setting out to find Lumpy Buttons, just remember that it is in the back of Thin Ice – another great shop on the street that is loaded with all sorts of distinctive art and artisan merchandise. Lumpy Buttons will be opening this Saturday, April 6 – the two shops will be hosting a joint Grand Opening/13-Year Anniversary Party on the same day.

Lumpy Buttons | 719 Elmwood Avenue – “Shop in the Back” | Buffalo NY 14222 | (716) 261-8225 | Facebook | Etsy | Instagram

Photos courtesy Lumpy Buttons

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