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Nerd Scene: Checking in on Iron Buffalo

Iron Buffalo, the shop that takes coffee, comic books, and gaming, and blends them together to create one of the most unique businesses in WNY, opened its doors in October of 2018. They hit the scene hard with a huge grand opening, which I covered on here. When I wrote that initial article, Iron Buffalo was still very new. They were still getting their product in and finding their footing within the community. Because of this, I promised an update on the shop’s growth. Now that it’s been over six months since Iron Buffalo has opened, there have been some tremendous updates, and more changes are on the way.

The most noticeable difference with the store is that they have had a lot more product come in. The amount of board games lining the shelves has increased immensely. Within their selection, there are games for any type of player, whether you prefer something casual and relaxing, or strategic and competitive. They have accrued a much larger amount of Magic: the Gatheringcards for their cases. Other products that you’ll now find more of include Funko Pop! Figures, more supplies for Star Wars: X-Wingand KeyForge,and even more snacks at the counter. There has even been a change at the coffee counter. They now offer a nitro cold brew coffee just in time for those upcoming warm Summer days.


The store has gained a surprising amount of board games for public freeplay. I find this to be important and particularly exciting because it allows visitors to demo games before deciding it’s something they want to own, or at least provide them with something fun to do while they enjoy their coffee. They’ve also recently obtained 3D terrain for ​Dungeons and Dragons​, allowing players to be further immersed in their adventures.

One of the most successful updates to Iron Buffalo is that they are doing a lot more with graded comics. They are working with Pressing Matters, a company that presses and cleans comics and Magiccards, and sends them out to get graded. Grading takes into account things like the age and quality of the product and determines what it is really worth. If have a comic book in your collection that you think might be worth something, take it to Iron Buffalo to find out.

Iron Buffalo now has a full weekly event schedule that is viewable in-store, on their website, and on their Facebook page. Some events include multiple nights for ​Star Wars: X-Wing​, board game nights held by Lake Effect Gaming, and several events for ​D&D,​ ​Magic: the Gathering​, and the ​Dragon Ball Z​ trading card game. They are now also able to hold officially sanctioned ​Magic: the Gathering​ events and will be hosting the upcoming prerelease of the next set: ​War of the Spark​. You can see their full weekly schedule here.

The shop has held multiple charity events including a 24-hour gaming marathon to support the Extra Life movement that helps raise money for children’s hospitals. They are currently accepting board game donations to give to University at Buffalo’s Veteran Student Association, which they have already gathered a plethora for the cause. More charity events will most likely be held in Iron Buffalo’s future.

There are even more changes planned to happen, beyond what we have already seen. The menu will soon be expanding with more items and specials. Those who are familiar with the store should expect to see the shelves and cases moved around to make room for more product, and to reflect which product has been the most profitable. Items like KeyForgeand X-Winghave been exceeding expectations. The Magic: the Gatheringcases will be expanded in order to fit even more cards.

Perhaps the most fun change coming to Iron Buffalo is a wall of fallen heroes that pays respect to players’ characters who die during their Dungeons & Dragonscampaigns. This wall will feature the character sheets of adventurers who perish in their games. This is a really neat idea to me. It’s morbidly funny, it allows for more immersion into games by getting players to be extra attached to their characters, and it can create some interesting stories about what happened to people’s characters.

It’s great to see a local business thrive so soon after opening and to see how it evolves over time. Not every locally-owned business is lucky enough to receive the support from the community or the quick success like Iron Buffalo has. If you haven’t checked out Iron Buffalo’s delicious hot beverages, comfortable living room-esque lounge area, or massive selections for comics and games, then I suggest you do so. If you have been before, or are a frequent visitor, it’s worth stopping by to see what big changes they have in-store. For more information on Iron Buffalo, you can visit their website, or their regularly updated Facebook page.

Iron Buffalo Comics | 656 Millersport Hwy | Amherst, New York 14226 | (716) 982-9735 | Facebook

Written by David Theriault

David Theriault

David Theriault is brand new to Buffalo, NY, hailing from New England, where he was born and raised. David has worked in television production since 2016 and puts his Creative Writing degree to work by writing scripts. He is in search of nerd culture communities throughout the WNY area where he can share his love of all things nerdy. You can find him at your local comic book or gaming stores, cosplaying at conventions, or online at his nerd culture blog:

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