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Château Buffalo Urban Winery will Double in Size at The Terminal in 2019

This is a great time of year to get a refresher on the goings on at Château Buffalo – Buffalo’s only urban winery. That’s because owner Carl Schmitter is always busiest during the Easter season. Talking to Carl, one might think that business is “as usual”, but knowing Carl, chances are that business is anything but “the usual”. You see, Carl is a pretty humble guy, so he doesn’t like to spout off about his successes. So when he happened to mention that he was doubling the size of his space at the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal on Clinton Street, I almost didn’t catch what he was throwing. “Wait, did you just say that you were doubling the size of your winery space?” I asked Carl, after talking to him on the phone for about five minutes?” Yes,” he answered. “We’re taking over the bay next door. We’re increasing production, and we’ve also teamed up with an art collaborative called Buffalo’s Own – we’re going to be providing exhibit space for them. The collaborative is made up of artists, entertainers, and designers. The upcoming show is called The Night The Buffalo Roamed.”

Château Buffalo Urban Winery sells about about 120 cases of the Dyngus Day Reserve during the Easter season.

While I originally called Carl to ask him about his wines that revolve around Dyngus Day and Easter, I was happy to hear that his overall business is doing even better than anyone could have expected. His devote customers have come to love the different varieties of wines and ciders that are produced throughout the course of the year.

In fact, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you get your hands on a limited edition bottle of the Dyngus Day Reserve (made concord red and loganberry), or even a bottle of the LoveJoy (a sweet rosé), which pays homage to the neighborhood surrounding the food terminal. But don’t expect to find Château Buffalo Urban Winery at The Terminal open right now, because Carl has temporarily redirected the business to The Broadway Market in order to capitalize on the influx of holiday foot traffic. Then it will be back to business as usual at The Terminal, once the Easter season is over.

Château Buffalo is doubling its space to accommodate for investments into new bottling equipment in 2019.

Along with new space, new offerings, and new partnerships, Carl told me that many of the labels are getting updated, so if you’re looking for your old standby favorites, be sure to pay attention – many of the new bottles feature new and updated looks by graphic designer Jessica Black who is with The Martin Group. Carl noted that Black also designed the 998 White (diamond – native grape) – the label features the old Sattler’s Department Store in Buffalo’s Polonia District.

The wines and ciders are produced in the cellar beneath what has become the tasting room at The Terminal. 

As I mentioned, there’s always something new being cooked up by Carl, whether it’s one of the esoteric fruit wines, a hard cider, or an ice wine (see the selection). We are so lucky to have Carl doing what Carl does best, and that’s chugging right along, pushing out his wonderful creations, so that the rest of us can simply sit back and relax and enjoy the latest and greatest selections produced by Buffalo’s only urban winery.

Château Buffalo Urban Winery and Cidery

Easter Season (through April 22) | The Broadway Market | 998 Broadway | Buffalo NY

Headquarters: Niagara Frontier Food Terminal | 1500 Clinton Street | Buffalo, New York 14206 | (716) 704-4671

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