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What is the Adventure Hunt? 

Author: Carolyn Hopkins

Although the weather is not fully cooperating this morning, an Adventure Hunt is underway.

What is the Adventure Hunt?

I asked the same question when my best friend Grace texted me that she got us tickets to the event and was coming to Buffalo in a few short weeks just for this occasion. One caveat – she had just signed the two of us up to compete in a citywide scavenger hunt. According to Grace we are doing this to find buried treasure and if we win, we get an all expense paid trip to Panama.

 After doing my own research, I found out that this event brings teams together to take on surprise challenges. All of the teams competing in this event post their adventure while using clues to hunt for destinations. Companies worldwide sponsor the event and they are hosted in cities all over the US. All the sponsors align with the theme of getting outdoors, exploring new places, being adventurous, traveling, etc.  The connection to these big companies through social media brings an extra layer of excitement to the competition. There is so much opportunity for competitors who are willing to step up to the challenges along the way. Everything is posted through social media and intended to be as “Epic” as possible.

In the past 20 hours, Grace and I have been preparing for the Adventure Hunt in ways I did not expect, including… driving city routes and scouting historical locations. I have stepped outside my comfort zone to explore parts of Buffalo I would not have otherwise become familiar with. We’ve actually taken time to sit down and study a map together.

Camaraderie is a word that comes to mind, so far it has been a lot of fun preparing and strategizing with my best friend Grace and we are really excited for the adventures to come.

I love that this event encompasses Buffalo’s competitive and cheerful spirit that in the end is about showing up for yourself and for others, in this case – your team.

If you didn’t make today’s Adventure Hunt, be sure to tune in on Facebook for future hunts!

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