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Lucky Koi Bubble Tea opens in the University District

Over the years, there have been a few attempts at bringing good bubble tea to Buffalo, but nothing ever really panned out. Some of the bubble tea makers were in tough locations, and others served up bad bubble tea. Therefore, the best bubble teas (or boba) were typically found in the suburbs, usually in strip mall locations.

But now, one bubble tea maker has moved into city limits. Lucky Koi Bubble has set up shop in the University District, bringing with it bubble tea that is “brewed with 100% quality loose leaf.” The owners of Lucky Koi Bubble tout that their bubble tea stays true to the Taiwanese traditions, and sweetened using honey. Their tapioca pearls (bubbles) are infused with a house-made brown sugar syrup. Best of all, like any decent bubble tea purveyor, the drinks can be customized accordingly, by mixing and matching flavors, adding sugar, using less ice, or blended as a smoothie or slushie. There are even vegan selections. 

Lucky Koi Bubble Tea also uses a wide variety of bubble tea/traditional milk tea flavors, including a fresh crushed sugar cane bubble tea that is “made to order, crushed right before your eyes.” Another one of the house bubble teas is the Ube/Purple Yam, described as “a vibrant purple drink, with young green coconut, and pandan.” This drink is broken down as follows:

Ube (Pronounced OOO-beh) Aka: Purple Yam

1. Staple ingredient in many Philippine desserts
2. Direct relative to the orange sweet potato 
3. Bright vibrant magenta color 
4. Smooth mildly sweet flavor compared to white chocolate or cross between vanilla and pistachio
5. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Aside from bubble tea, the café also serves up Hong Kong bubble waffles (also known as egg waffles), which are also made to order. These waffles are traditionally considered the best street fare that Hong Kong has to offer. To wash down the waffles, Lucky Koi is also serving up authentic hot and cold coffee/tea drinks from “the highly sophisticated Gong Fu Style fresh brewed hot tea to the famous Vietnamese Slow-Drip coffee.”

Currently, Lucky Koi Bubble Tea is hosting its soft opening, by providing customers with taste samples of a few of its authentic delights. Lucky Koi is open 7 days a week – be sure to check out their Facebook page for business hours. Also visit their website at

Lucky Koi Bubble Tea | 3216 Main Street | Buffalo, New York 14214 | See menuInstagram

Photos courtesy Lucky Koi Bubble Tea

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