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Buffalo by Night

When I had my store on Elmwood Avenue, I always made sure that there were plenty of lights on in the display window at night. Even thought the store wasn’t open when it was dark, I felt that it was important to show off my products in a good light. I used standard bulbs and color bulbs to change the effects. At the time there was not much going in the LED world, compared to what is offered today.

Recently, I have been dropping my wife off at work early in the morning, well before the sun comes up. Doing so, has given me some time to explore the city at night or pre-dawn. The most striking lighting that I have come across is at the Medical Campus. The new modern buildings look great during the day, but they especially work their magic at night, when most people don’t get a chance to see them shine.

Another building that pops at night is 250 Delaware, which is home to Delaware North and The Westin. This corner looks fabulous, especially at nighttime when Patina 250 restaurant is open.

Just down the street is the new Residence Inn. The hotel definitely pops at night, with some serious LED lighting. While it’s almost a bit Tron looking, it adds a ton of flair to Delaware Avenue. The lighting on this building is constantly in flux – you never know what colors you will come across.

Photo courtesy Visit Buffalo Niagara

The Peace Bridge is another great example of Buffalo by Night. The dramatic LED system, along with its new street lights, help to create a sensational scene over the Niagara River. The lighting schematic also changes according to certain events that are taking place in WNY.

Another edifice that has been dramatically lit is the Richardson Olmsted Complex building. As if the Administration Building and its counterparts were not dramatic enough. I still remember when they first lit the facade – it was a breath of fresh air, signaling that a long preservation battle had officially been won. Since that time, the Complex has become a focal point in Buffalo’s renaissance.

Then there’s The Curtiss Hotel, which takes the cake for splashy lighting. Not only is the entire building illuminated at night, it also changes colors to recognize various events underway in Buffalo.

Photo courtesy Curtiss Hotel

Last year Mayor Brown announced a consolidated effort to light up the city’s skyline with coordinated LED coloring – the project is called Buffalo LIT. It’s all a part of plan to build a more colorful Buffalo, which is especially welcome during the wintertime when there are no leaves on the trees.

Hopefully we will see more of these types of illumination projects take place as more buildings are constructed in years to come. It’s also important that our historic building stock is lit up. Not to mention the storefronts along Elmwood and Hertel (for example) which should always be brilliantly showcasing their storefronts, no matter the time of day… or night.