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The Largest Art Store in the United States is Now Open in North Buffalo

In August, we wrote about Hyatt’s future home in North Buffalo coming to fruition.  As of January 24th, Hyatt’s has settled into its new location, the former Frontier Lumber site at 1941 Elmwood in North Buffalo. This new location combines the store’s offerings from its previous Allentown and Clarence locations, while offering an expanded selection of products, workshop and event spaces.

Set far back from the street, Hyatt’s new, 42,000 square foot space boasts 15,000 square feet of retail space and 27,000 square feet of warehouse, office, and frame shop space. Its striking blue and purple façade and industrial interior look are a big change from the former Allentown location.


Many people wondered “why the move?” from its 910 Main Street location in the growing Medical Corridor. “We outgrew the space,” said Seth Martin, Hyatt’s Purchasing Director. Most people didn’t realize that the Main Street location, built in 1905, was actually four storefronts and four separate basements, which ultimately posed several problems for the growing store. Hyatt’s had been a tenant in that location since 1961. As the store offerings expanded, Hyatt’s considered staying in that location and renovating, but ultimately, chose to move to the North Buffalo location, due to logistics.  “With customers all around the country we could have moved anywhere, but staying in the City of Buffalo was important to us. We spent upwards of three years looking for the perfect location of retail, warehouse and office space.”

Previously, to enter their workshop space, customers previously had to exit the store and re-enter through another outside door, and walk up a flight of stairs. Parking was also an issue. “We actually paid workers to not park in our 25-space North Pearl lot, so we had more room for customers to park. Our delivery and shipping trucks also had many problems accessing our store from the one-way North Pearl Street entrance,” Martin continued. The new location offers workshop space right in the store and more than 100 parking spots for customers. Set among a number of stores in the North Buffalo shopping district, Martin has already seen an increase in traffic flow from their previous location, which was mainly a business district.

Hyatt’s is like a candy store for the art enthusiast—and it’s easy to get lost in its aisles of colorful and engaging displays and products. Not to mention, its walls lined with murals from store employees and local artists. Hyatt’s caters to artists and art enthusiasts of all levels. From serious hobbyists, painters and woodworkers, to elementary school children to Buff State art and interior design majors (the store has several partnerships with area schools), the art supplies in Hyatt’s are for all levels. “We carry your first set of crayons, up to a $6,000 set of colored pencils,” said Martin.

In addition to their physical store, Hyatt’s also has a large B2C e-commerce business. Its Pantone department is used by fashion designers and printers, major sneaker companies, and brands such as Eddie Bauer. Hyatt’s also sells sign making machines, cutters and monument imprint making machines across the country.  This move helped them increase their warehouse size, where these products are housed.

Along with the move, Hyatt’s also went through a rebrand process, and updated their logo. The new logo—a soft, cursive, almost vintage type blue—was meant to be a stark contrast to their previous red, all capital serif font. The revised logo plays more to their independent, family image versus their previous logo.

Sixty years after opening its doors in Buffalo, the still family-owned Hyatt’s remains an independent art store—which in today’s Amazon and big-box store world, is virtually unheard of. “Many cities no longer have an independent, brick and mortar art store, including Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Columbus.” Upstate New York has several—and only one surviving in Buffalo—Hyatt’s.

Hyatt’s All Things Creative | 1941 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14207 | (800) 234-9288 | Facebook

Along with the move to their new location, Hyatt’s has updated and extended their hours:
Mon/Thu: 9am – 9pm
Tues/Weds/Fri: 9am – 7pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm

Written by Carolyn Batt

Carolyn Batt

Carolyn Batt is a Buffalo marketing director by day and international traveler the rest of the time--although always returning to her home for the past 12 years in Allentown.

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