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Tamora Lee talks about her Rebel Life FW19 collection

Tamora Lee

If there’s one person that has been beating the fashion drum in Buffalo for a long time, it’s Tamora Lee. The fashion entrepreneur’s eco streetwear and accessories lines are considered lifestyle brands in a way that represents her life – her travels, her mood, and her two cities… Buffalo and Brooklyn. Following is a Q&A with Tamora Lee, where we get to know a little bit about what drives her as a “creative artist”, and a branding and marketing talent.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection of streetware – Rebel Life FW19 collection?

For this collection, the influence was space, time, and frequency.

When will this line be available, and when?

The Rebel life graphic collection is available currently on our site We add new items each week. We have three collections… @tamoraleejewelry (holistic accessories) Rebel Behavior (streetwear/accessories), and Repurposed/Reused (all upcycled/recycled collection).

Your streetwear is considered sustainable? How so?

For Rebel, everything we produce and make also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. We create one collection a year limited, we use recycled/repurposed materials, we use local suppliers/service providers, collaborate with local artists, musicians etc.

We strive by these principles in all our design: high quality and timeless design, green & clean, custom/on-demand design, second-hand vintage, rent loan swap, repair redesign/upcycle, fair & ethical and locality.

Tamora Lee

How long have you been designing?

We consider our movement more in the line of creative artistry which is the future we use all art/design/technology elements. I myself started in the creative design/art arena while working for major labels. So a total of 15 years in the creative art/tech world.

Where is the clothing produced?

We produce in Buffalo and Brooklyn and we also collaborate with other localities – cities/countries – our recent collaborations with #madeintexas #madeinflorida printing company who wanted to produce collections as part of their #madeinusa campaign.

How do you manage to keep your company based in both Buffalo and Brooklyn?

There are many similarities to Buffalo and Brooklyn especially with the shift of demographics. I have always worked and lived in both cities and remain connected to the business of art/fashion in both cities.

What are your goals for working in Buffalo in 2019?

Currently working towards being able to produce other brands under my label, to build a sustainable network for art/fashion. Brooklyn currently has been on the forefront, with Industry City – would love to see some of the same funding come to Buffalo.

Will, you ever have a storefront in Buffalo – is it something that you have considered?

Retail is moving in a different direction we are a creative art brand or what they call lifestyle brand so we are more looking forward to shifts in retail as mobile shopping and concept pop-ups become future of retail. I started this brand with more of a futuristic outlook on where retail is going and the shift towards mobility.

What drives you on a daily basis?

My passion is travel, changes in the world. Human behavior and their connection to the environment and space.

What sets you apart from the rest of the designers out there?

I don’t wish to cater to celebrities. Every day people are the celebrities in our view, we care to make people feel good in their natural style. Everyone in the rebel life movement has some connection art world and the environment. We use all art/technology/music mediums we wear the clothes we make, and we stand behind our #livetherebellife movement 100%.

What are some of your other passions?

My other passions include travel, nature, educating corporations/brands on importance of sustainability.

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