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Sounds of Buffalo: Savannah King

Savannah King – Acoustic guitar & vocals

When did you first start playing?

I have been playing music since I was about 15yrs old. So about 10 years now! I started out playing open mics at Nietzsche’s and Caz Coffee.

Who writes the music?

I do! 

How would you describe the sound? 

My songwriting is based a lot in nature and the lessons we can learn from being in nature. I live in a 1987 Ford Coachman. When I’m not touring, I spend a lot of my winter in the Southwest US on free use BLM land. Many of my sonic influences come from slowing down out in the desert. I play solo acoustic, so my sound is very classic storytelling singer/songwriter.

Where are you from originally?

I am from the Buffalo area. A small town called Wilson on Lake Ontario. (While Savannah is on the road a lot, she still spends time on the Buffalo area, from June through September).

What are some of your influences? 

Some of my greatest influences come from strong voices and songwriting. I love Fiona Apple, Carol King, and Jim Croce. However I am also just as inspired by authors and reading great books. Edward Abbey is one of my favorites.

Are you schooled in music?

I am not formally schooled in music. I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a business degree in the Music Industry. 

Where is your favorite place to play/sing in Buffalo?

I love to play at Daily Planet. I’ve had several really wonderful listening room type shows at Daily Planet over the years. That being said, I did get the opportunity to open for Emmylou Harris at Kleinhans Music Hall. That was an incredible gift. Kleinhans has to be the best room in Buffalo! 

What’s your day job? 

I am a full time musician!

What was the last live music performance that you caught? 

I saw a Scottish band called Biffy Clyro in Syracuse. 

Do you play/sing covers or all originals? Or a combination of both?

I sing a mixture of both. My typical set is about 90% originals and 10% covers. I think the reinterpretation of another artist’s song can be a work of art. 

If you could play/sing with one famous band/musician (any time in history), what/who would that be?

I would love to be able to perform with Glen Hansard!

If you were stranded on a deserted island with a hand crank phonograph and one album, what would that album be?

Lori McKenna – The Bird & The Rifle

Do you have a label? A recording studio? Have you recorded a CD?

I have a small mobile recording studio I set up in the van sometimes. It’s a good way for me to make Youtube videos and record demo ideas on the road.

I have a brand new CD coming out March 5th! It’s called Cliffrose.  

Where and when is your next gig(s)?

My CD release show for Cliffrose will be June 8th at Nickel City Arts in Akron. 

What are some brand new things you’re trying this year?

I’m trying to start doing things that scare me. One of the big ones was opening a Kickstarter campaign to fund my record. I had been terrified by the thought for years. It turns out, I’m surrounded by some very supportive people! I ended up raising over $8,000! Second, I’ve started rock climbing! Turns out the wear and tear on your hands is not so conducive to being a musician. 

Anything else?

I have a book that will be accompanying the release of my album. It is 24 pages of photos and stories from the road. When I was making the album, it was so heavily influenced by the American Southwest, I felt there was more that needed to be said. I wanted people to be able to not only hear about these beautiful places in the songs, but see them as well. The book is called “Cliffrose: The Making of an Album”. It will be available on my website with the album on March 5th. 




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