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Hertel Gets in Shape while Having Fun @ Studio Sophia

Hertel Avenue has a new one stop shop when it comes to getting fit, while having fun. After seven years hiding out on the second floor of a building in Kenmore, Deanna Giordano jumped at the opportunity to relocate her fitness studio into a high profile location at the corner of Hertel and Delaware. Deanna says that it’s the perfect space, not just because of the visibility, but because the building is essentially made up of two rooms – one that is dedicated to her love -pilates, and the other that is dedicated to group group fitness. By the time she ended up moving all of her equipment from one studio to the other, she realized that she had managed to streamline her business in a way that was conducive to her teachings, and to the wants and needs of her students.

Now Studio Sophia is a lean, mean, fitness machine, but don’t worry… if you think that working out is all about the work and not about the fun, Deanna has got you covered. After instructing people on how to get fit for 20 years, one of the things that Deanna has realized is that it’s important to change up the routines. To that end, Deanna told me she absolutely loves holding classes outside in nearby parks (when the weather cooperates), and she also thinks that hosting pop-ups in local restaurants and cafés is a lot of fun. One of the classes that she hosts outside of the studio is called Meet Me @ The BAR(re). “Twice a month, I host a booty barre class at a bar or restaurant – this month, the class is being held at Mès Que,” said Deanna. “It’s a blast. After getting in shape, we go to the bar for some bourbon, where we get a free drink and discount appetizers. At Mès Que, they make a bourbon and bacon drink that is out of this world. This pop-up is called Bourbon and BAR(re). We also host pop-ups at different cafés, for those who don’t want be in a bar.”

What’s working out without a little fun? That’s what I like most about Sophia and her fitness studio. We all have enough work in our lives, so by the time we get around to working out, it better be fun, and it’s got to be effective. Incredibly, Deanna is certified in teaching pilates, yoga, and Zumba. She’s also a personal trainer for runners. In fact, last year 23 of her running students finished the half marathon, and four completed the full marathon. “I like the idea of winning a medal,” she told me, as we walked around her new studio.

Deanna might like the idea of winning medals, but she hates the idea of mirrors. Over the last few months, she has been significantly altering what was formerly a dedicated spinning studio. “I’m taking all of the mirrors out, because I feel that the world is too judgmental,” she said. “People should be concentrating on how they feel at the moment. If they feel good about what they’re doing, then they’re going to feel better outwardly. And that’s what’s important.”

As we talked about her fitness business, Deanna suddenly said, “My lawyer said to say hi.” After telling me who her lawyer was, she told me the lawyer’s father (who I also know) lost 80 pounds since training pilates with her one-on-one. When I heard that, my ears perked up. “Really?!” I responded. “That’s my expertise – pilates,” she answered. “I specialize in one-on-one, but I also have occasional duet classes. But that’s just one aspect of what we do here. I have seven fitness trainers, and when there’s not a designated time slot for a class, there’s usually some sort of a pop-up routine going on… like a trampoline class.”

Before wrapping up our chat, Deanna told me a couple of things that I thought sounded like fun (yes, more fun). First, she’s super excited to be on Hertel because she wants to be a part of any and all of the events and festivals. She wants to be a part of the community, because she never really had that opportunity in her previous location. She also said, if ever you are feeling dragged down, and you’re looking for a boost, stop into the Bella Mia Chocolate Shop next door for a piece of dark chocolate before you begin your workout routine. “That little piece of chocolate pumps you up, which makes working out a lot more enjoyable.” Now that’s the type of training advice that we can all get excited about!

Studio Sophia,LLC Fitness Club1094 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, NY  14216 | (716) 903-1009 | Facebook

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