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Free Women’s Self Defense @ KC’s Fitness

Does the photo above speak to you? What does it say? Does it beckon you, to close your eyes and imagine? Does it get your heart pumping? Does the image evoke a sense of empowerment?

When we leave our houses, do we feel vulnerable? For women, feeling vulnerable is a lot different than men feeling vulnerable. For a woman, getting in shape, and learning how to fend off an attacker at the same time is a win-win.

No one can become a ninja in eight classes, but they can learn simple awareness skills that can make the difference between being safe and being harmed.

It’s a sad world that we live in where a woman must be on-guard for her safety. At the same time, it makes no sense to live a life feeling unsafe. That’s why KC’s Fitness is offering a free Women’s Self Defense, where women can take charge, by learning self defense techniques from a pro.

The pro that they have in mind happens to be Malachai Miller, a competitive martial artist who also has years of experience in personal security. His stylized self defense classes incorporate a great deal of awareness training, which he feels is one of the keys of being safe. 

KC’s Fitness will offer an eight week women’s self defense course on Thursday nights from 6PM to 7PM at their Buffalo location. (100 Gelston). The class will start on February 7th. There is no fee for the training, and the seminars are open to the general public. There is a limit of twenty people, and you can contact Kevin Cunningham for more information. or 716-359-6622.

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