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Wildroot Floral – A Floral Boutique in Buffalo

A new floral boutique has taken root on Niagara Street. Florist Kayla Grazen is bringing her resourceful contemporary floristry business to the same building as Bootleg Bucha (also Resurgence Brewery). While the actual workspace is not open to the public, Wildroot Floral will be providing the region with luxury floral services.

Kayla Grazen

What has your experience been in the floral industry?

We are a contemporary florist that is just getting started in Buffalo after having worked in luxury floral in Boston and Austin.In Boston I worked at Winston Flowers – a 75 year old family-owned florist that is extremely well-respected in the floral world. I worked in Sales and Management as well as here and there in their retail stores. In Austin I was the Sales & Client Services Manager at King Florist which is also a long-standing florist in the city which has grown tremendously across the years. In that role, I experienced luxury floral in a retail setting which was hugely important to my growth and learning in the industry. So – Wildroot is brand new! We’re thrilled to be bringing our design style and passion for high-end client experience home to Buffalo.

Are you officially open?

Wildroot Floral is now open for deliveries and events in and around Buffalo, NY. The location is not open to public, but the website and phone – 716-957- 2251 – are set up and we are delivering throughout the city and suburbs! We’re also doing pop-up shops. We’re open online and on the phone for deliveries as well as events and look forward to designing for our hometown.

Where did the name come from?

Our name is actually inspired by the Wildroot building on Bailey Ave which Buffalo Rising had done a fantastic article about previously. I chose the Wildroot name after stumbling across the building on a visit home years ago. I looked into the history of the building and it was so interesting to learn how much prosperity the brand brought to the city of Buffalo. I wanted to pay homage to a very successful Buffalo business from a time when the city was extremely prosperous – especially to due the many changes and improvements happening in the city now and the fact that we aim to be a part of that positive change! Also, the name alone relates to me on a personal level. “Wild” reflects the years that I spent in Boston and Austin… traveling across the US to learn and be inspired in the floral world. “Root” because I’m bringing that passion back to my hometown of Buffalo.

Tell us about the space that you are in. Is it permanent?

We’re currently working out of space in the Bootleg Bucha tap room at 1250 Niagara while we decide exactly where our permanent location will be. Our workspace is in 1250 but there actually may be a permanent space option in the 1250 building as well. We’re going to stay in the temporary workspace for a few months while we decide exactly which part of the city will work best for us and for our clients. We really like the idea of the West Side because so much is happening here and we’d love to be a part of the resurgence. The Larkinville area is also very intriguing for similar reasons. For our retail space, we’re looking for something somewhat small and unique. We’d love to transform an old building if it’s possible or bring new life to a space that hasn’t been utilized to the fullest. Being a florist, we need to consider access for our delivery team as well as the need for a cooler, of course!

What is your specialty?

Our speciality is contemporary and unique floral designs for everyday occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy, etc. We also provide floral for events as well as floral for homes and businesses for decorating purposes. Our passion is providing a high-end service experience. We are here to be the experts and help our clients through the emotional parts of their lives by designing the perfect arrangement for each occasion, with a focus on seasonality.

I see that you will eventually offer delivery of plants and succulents?

Yes, that’s the plan. We’re definitely focusing of flowers for the time being but eventually would love to incorporate succulents and plants as well down the line.

Do you have any pop-ups planned?

I’ll be doing a pop-up shop at ShopCraft’s Grand Opening (new expanded storefront – former Fern + Arrow) at 773 Elmwood on Saturday 2/9 from 11am-2pm.

Anything else?

We look forward to bringing a fresh and modern style to the city – especially because we offer daily deliveries, not just floral for events. We’re available for delivery Monday through Saturday to Buffalo and all surrounding areas – both businesses and residences.

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Lead image: Emily Easton @basicallyemilyphoto

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