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Native Harrow Release New Single Ahead of Buffalo Appearance

Hudson Valley based psychedelic folk-rock group, Native Harrow, is releasing a single ahead of their show in Buffalo at the 9th Ward at Babeville on February 1st. The band is setting the stage for their upcoming release, Happier Now, on April 12th via Different Time Records. Before the main course is made available, the group today released “Can’t Go On Like This”; a funky folk-rock track that finds the group adding in more groove-oriented rhythm and deeper compositional nuance compared to their 2017 release, Sorores. The recordings feature the two core members- Devin Tuel (lead vocals/guitar) and Stephen Harms (bass/drums/keys/guitar), giving the songs a very succinct characteristic. Much of the previous couple releases by Native Harrow have a more spacious sound, whereas the upcoming release features the band with a full, rich new aesthetic.

This new tune offers a look at the growth of the group in the past year or so, which had them going on tour with Great Lake Swimmers all over the country. The band has a traditional and familiar sound in their 2017 release and set a foundation of melodic variation and lush instrumentation that creates a final product full of bright, uplifting harmony with frequent dark undertones to contrast. Building upon the initial sound achieved in Sorores, Native Harrow incorporates a more rhythmic aspect in “Can’t Go On Like This”. A roots rock guitar opens with a shimmering lead part overtop a drum beat that accents the attacks on the lead guitar’s phrasing. The acoustic guitar keeps the pulse chugging like a freight train, and the soft, supportive bass line rounds out the backing instrumental that sounds like something straight out of the late 60’s psychedelic folk era. Tuel carries the vocals with confidence, delivering low, resonant choruses and reflective verses that demand attention without becoming overbearing in the mix.

Without a doubt, the new single offers a lot to look forward to with the development of the group. Being the leading track from the upcoming album, “Can’t Go On Like This” is a sign of things to come for the band. Native Harrow will be rejoining Great Lake Swimmers on the road this February, shortly after their stop in Buffalo where they will be kicking off the month-long tour. The show starts at 8pm, and tickets are $10 in advanced and $12 on the day of on, the Babeville Box office, or by phone at 877.987.6487. The new single will be on all major streaming platforms come January 18th.

Written by Gabriel Birkby

Gabriel Birkby

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