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Further Proof of the NHL Fix Against Buffalo

Did you notice that Skinner made it in? (2019 NHL All-Star Roster – see background to story)

We made that happen people. The fans in Buffalo. The fans of hockey. The fans of fairness.

I don’t know what the final numbers were, but he got an average of 10 out of 10 votes a day from me.

Of course, I didn’t even notice that on the eve of the vote, the NHL put out their own… I’m going to say it… propaganda —

— In which they only identify Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly as a viable candidate in the Atlantic.




Two of their “picks” Kris Letang (D – Penguins) and Gabriel Landeskog (F – Colorado) got the nod.

(They also tried to boost Calgary D Mark Giordano out of the Pacific but the fans also went against their recommendation there as well to send Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl forward to the dance.)

Ex-squeeze me?

How is Skinner not in the conversation?


I understand that, at the time, he was tied for the second-leading scorer in the league with Tampa’s Brayden Point with both standing three goals shy of Alex O’s production.

I get that the Sabres have slid just a position out of the playoff picture (today they are still out of the playoffs by four points).

But there’s more season to go.

And do you know who’s going to continue to deliver for us, the Buffalo faithful?

Jeff Skinner.

Thankfully, the fans spoke and the fans spoke true.

You can count goals that shouldn’t be counted, Bettman, but hear this — we’re on to your shenanigans.

We’re watching.

We’re excited to watch Sabres (yes, that’s plural) play in the All-Star Game on January 26th.

Written by Nicholas Brandt

Nicholas Brandt

Nick writes funny things sometimes that may get people riled up. People also thought Jonathan Swift really did think children should be eaten. You should know that he does unabashedly and honestly love Buffalo, its sports teams, and its people, and hasn't used the double space after a period for some time now. Nick, that is. He's reasonably certain Swift double-spaced.

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