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Froth Brewing is Open for Business

This past weekend, Buffalo’s brewery scene got another big boost, with the opening of a couple new operations. One of those operations is Froth Brewing, which was originally anticipated to open on Hertel Avenue (see here). For a number of reasons, owner/operator Jesse Mclaughlin decided to relocate his brewery to 700 Military Road, in a 6500 square foot building. 

Yesterday, my wife and I stopped on over after an excursion to Niagara Falls. When we got to the brewery, we couldn’t believe what we saw. Every parking space was full. At first we thought that maybe there was some sort of a grand opening celebration going on, but it turned out to be solely the hype around the brewery opening – apparently a lot of people have been waiting for the big day.

One of the things that Froth really has going for it is its location. Since Flying Bison moved across town, there has not been a brewery in this area (Black Rock/Riverside). I’m betting that residents are pretty excited to have a brewery open up. Also, Froth is easily accessible from up and coming places like Amherst Street, Chandler, Grant Street, while also being nearby to Sheridan Drive.

The interior of Froth is fairly expansive, with a sprawling bar, and a couple of flat screens. The bar stools are super comfortable, and there are plenty of seating/standing options. One of the more unique aspects of Froth is the bar rail that divides the tasting room from the brewery itself. When we first arrived, the lights were on, and a couple of brewers were walking about doing their business. When they left the tank room, they switched off the lights, leaving everything washed in a glowing purple light.

Froth also has a couple of garage doors that will open when the weather warms up. There’s a bar food menu, wine, cocktails are coming, and of course, plenty of craft brews.

Another takeaway from our little brewery jaunt this weekend was that after visiting two new breweries, packed with people, we did not run into one singe person that we knew. If you’re from Buffalo, then you are aware that that is a significant occurrence.

For years, when the brewery scene was just starting to bubble up, it seemed like there was a small-but-dedicated craft beer crowd. Now, people are coming from all over the region to try out the latest and greatest breweries, and there seems to be no slowing down of that brewing momentum in Buffalo.

Froth Brewing700 Military Road | Buffalo NY 14216 | (716) 783 – 8060 | Facebook

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