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Food for Thought — Why Bills Fans Should Root for the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday

I know what you’re thinking…

Me? A Bills fan?

Root for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl?


Shouldn’t I be afraid that when Bill Belichick gets another ring he’ll deliver it unto the Dark Lord Sauron or snap his fingers and wish away half of all life in the universe?

Look, I can’t actually speculate as to what powers the dark lord of the evil empire may or may not have. All I know is that, as a team in the AFC East, the Patriots have consistently and unfortunately been atop the division. Our division. There’s been a decided lack of parity, and that is, in large part, due to the presence and mechanizations of one Bill Belichick.

So why root for the Patriots?

Imagine a world in which Belichick retires.

A world full of sunshine, rainbows, and untold possibilities.

A world wherein the Buffalo Bills can return to glory.

Is this dream world within reach?

From our side, I’m cautiously optimistic and see a lot of promise for the future.

I like Josh Allen’s upside. I like Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott. I like the #9 pick in the upcoming draft (and I like the possibility of trading it away for additional picks even more than that.)

As for the Pats…

Brady is on the decline.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoisting up the “he’s done” flag just yet. He’s still effective, but I’m sorry, Father Time claims us all, and he’s no exception (even if he’s never touched sugar or ice cream.) He’s still a strong presence at quarterback, but how much of that is system and how much is the man himself at this point? Still, begrudging yet respectful hats off to him for being the oldest non-kicker to play in a Super Bowl.

Is there likely a deal in place to have Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels take the reins?

I’d say yes, mostly because of how things went down with Indy. Seems fishy, and not in a Dolphins sort of way. that he’s announced as the new head coach there, then withdraws from the position that same day. I am less worried about McDaniels as a coach because of his time at the helm in Denver. It’s entirely possible that he’s grown since then as a Sith Apprentice to a dark master and that he’ll be a better fit in the team that Bill built, but I believe most if not all of New England’s charmed existence comes from the hoodied wonder.

Will one more ring push Bill Belichick to retirement?

If a deal is in place with McDaniels, I’m sure there’s an exit/entrance strategy in place as well. Belichick may want to go out on top. From a legacy standpoint, that makes sense. He’s already won seven Super Bowl rings (five as a head coach and two as a defensive coordinator.) Let’s just hope (and pray) he’s not keen on staying around for an even dozen or even one for every finger.

So Bill, as a Bills fan, I ask you to please win another Super Bowl and then find a new delightful hobby far away from the NFL. Woodworking is enjoying a renaissance. I’ve heard fishing can be quite relaxing…

And Bills fans, let’s cheer him (and maybe even the ageless wonder that is Brady) all the way out the door.

However, if you’re looking for another reason to root against Belichick, all I have to say is this — it’s documented that he’s a fan of Bon Jovi.

Written by Nicholas Brandt

Nicholas Brandt

Nick writes funny things sometimes that may get people riled up. People also thought Jonathan Swift really did think children should be eaten. You should know that he does unabashedly and honestly love Buffalo, its sports teams, and its people, and hasn't used the double space after a period for some time now. Nick, that is. He's reasonably certain Swift double-spaced.

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