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BTPoxycrete enters the market with Custom Epoxy Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are a number of different directions that a customer can take, including choosing granite and quartz. But now there’s a new business on the block called BTPoxycrete, owned and operated by Thomas Winarske that specializes in epoxy countertops and flooring. According to Winarske, an epoxy countertop is 1/4 the cost of high end natural stone, and still has all of the features that one would want, and expect, from a durable workspace material, and then some. 

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Following is a Q&A with Winarske:

How did you decide to open your business in Buffalo?

A friend of mine was out west doing this and he moved back from California and him and what I saw the potential in an untapped market, I started it immediately.

Is there a showroom?

I don’t have a showroom as I have to go to everybody’s home to do the estimate anyway. There’s plenty of places I could send the clients to see the product live if they desired.

What is the process?

The process is an epoxy overlay over top of pre-existing countertops or floors. We can replicate the world’s most extravagant stones for a fraction of the price.

How long does an average job take from start to finish?

Most jobs take three days to complete

Who is your typical customer?

A customer that is thinking about replacing countertops or floors. Ultimately we wind up saving people thousands of dollars over natural stone or high-end tile.

Who is you local competition?

As far as I’m concerned we have no competition. There’s maybe one or two other companies out there that are doing it but we’re doing 20 times the volume they are. You really need to be an artist to be able to create some of the looks that we get.


I have five artists for countertops, and 7 artists for flooring.

Epoxy over natural stone?

I want to be an option people consider over marble, granite, or quartz. As far as what really goes on in the kitchen for everyday use, my process blows all natural stone out of the water.

Epoxy countertops and flooring have really become popular on the home renovation scene. At 1/4 the cost of a quality natural stone, epoxy surfaces outperform ANY natural stone out there. Let’s compare the top 3 surfaces to epoxy…

Granite, Marble, Quartz                              Epoxy

Can be damaged after 300 degrees             500 degrees

Can stain and is porous                                100% non porous

Seams                                                                No seams

You can’t choose design                                 100% custom

Can cost up to $400 a square foot              $59 a square foot

Will chip and crack                                         Lasts forever

How new is this to Buffalo?

Epoxy countertops and floors have been very popular on the West coast and have just now made their way to Buffalo. We just happen to have the best artistic staff in the area put together.

And durability?

As I stated before, as far as what goes on in the kitchen for everyday use such as heat, dropping dishes, spills, and bacteria from food, epoxy countertops are the countertop of the future.

The ingenious nature of epoxy means that it can cover up the ugly and old surfaces that are already there. That’s why there’s such a cost saving. But no one would know the difference, because the epoxy surfaces are meant to look like high end natural materials.

Stay tuned for another local business that is doing a similar replacement technique with kitchen cabinets.

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