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Writer and director Rick Masi sets out to produce a film about the rise and fall of (fictional) 80’s hair band

Back in the day, Buffalo loved its hair bands. In fact, some Buffalonians still reminisce about the days when hair bands ruled the airwaves. While I was never into hair bands, I’ve got friends who were obsessed with them – even dressing the parts. To this day, they rarely miss a hair band that comes to town, and remain friends with local hair band rockers that continue to play around town, while keeping the dream alive. 

Currently, local film writer and director Rick Masi is preparing to embark upon a new project, based on a 1980’s hard rock/”hair” band called Boy Elroy. The film is titled Turn Up The Night. This new work follows in the footsteps of Masi’s previous film titled Free Fallers (see Buffalo Rising’s Q&A with Masi about that film). 

Masi’s latest film is a serious drama set in the late 80’s about the rise and fall of (fictional) hair band, Boy Elroy.

Masi says that the film Boy Elroy is “a newer and bigger budget feature film thats going to be made in the Buffalo area during 2019. This project is unique, and it’s combining the talents of both the Buffalo film community and the Buffalo music community.”

Following is the lowdown of Boy Elroy, as recounted by Masi:

Actor Will Nemi as Kimmi Gaines, lead singer of Boy Elroy

TURN UP THE NIGHT is a story about the (fictional) 80’s hard rock / “hair” band, Boy Elroy and their rise and fall from fame. It’s a serious drama with all original music and live performances sprinkled throughout.  The film takes place from 1987-1989. It’s really a study in identity – ie. the idea of “the golden prison” – having everything you’ve ever wanted in the world, but being shackled by it. Additionally being able to hold on to your individuality when you’re in a business where you essentially become a product. Its completely unlike anything happening in Buffalo currently.

Melodie Roehrig as aspiring actress Iona

We kick off production in June 2019 for a 2020 release – but we’re ramping up excitement and a buzz because we’re integrating both the Buffalo film community and Buffalo Music community to pull this all together. Additionally, we’re going to have plenty of opportunities for folks to have an opportunity to be an extra. We have a facebook page titled TURN UP THE NIGHT – MOVIE where we post all kinds of behind the scenes content. We also have a new Indiegogo Campaign currently to help ease the burden of funding; but we offer incredible perks (some including the CD and DVD).

I primarily wrote the music for the film, with arrangements by Kevin Sampson (First Ward); in addition we have the vocals of Ed Wyner (aka Milton Wild of Nerds Gone Wild), and lead guitars by Eric Rovner. If you haven’t listened to the music in the trailer; please do – it captures that great 80’s power ballad sound. The song that plays is called “The Only” and will feature in the film.

Our film features the talents of Will Nemi (T.H.E.M., Crown Vic) as ego-centric and unpredictable Kimmi Gaines, lead singer of Boy Elroy. Melodie Roehrig (FANG, Last Trip) as aspiring actress Iona; and many many more.

This will be my third feature film as writer-director. I also have an ongoing Twilight Zone/Tales from the Crypt inspired web series titled “Tales of Darkened Light” which has taken home awards such as Best Western New York Short (2017) – “Tales of Darkened Light – A Friendly Wager” at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, as well awards from the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, WNY F.A.M.E, and internationally.

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