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There is no excuse to Drink and Drive on New Year’s Eve… or any other day for that Mattar.

Throughout the planning of Buffalo Rising’s 007 New Years party, in tandem with The Terrace, one of the issues that the committee always keeps in mind is ensuring that guests to the celebration not only have a great time, but that they are also safe. Of course I’m talking about promoting precautionary anti-drinking and driving measures such as ridesharing (Lyft and Uber) and Designated Drivers of Buffalo. 

No matter what New Year’s Eve celebration you are planning on attending, there are safe ways to get around if you are going to be drinking. Thankfully, Buffalo now has access to ridesharing, which has become a safe, efficient, and popular way to get around town for many people. At the same time, sometimes the unexpected issues arise, leaving people in a quandary, or predicament, when searching for a ride home after imbibing at a New Year’s function.

In the event that a designated driver, or a rideshare is not at hand, there is still another alternative thanks to the Law Offices of William Mattar. Every New Year’s Eve, Mattar teams up with Designated Drivers of Buffalo to offer yet another option for those who might find themselves in a pickle. 

The way that it works is simple. If you have a car, and you’ve had a few drinks, and you’re thinking about driving, don’t. If you’re determined to get yourself, and your car, home safely, then Designated Drivers of Buffalo provides “a no-excuse solution to drinking and driving by driving customers home in the comfort and convenience of their own vehicle.” That’s right, DD of Buffalo will drive your own car for you. 

This year, the life-saving initiative is no longer just available on New Year’s it’s in place throughout the holidays.  The 11th Annual ‘Home 4 the Holiday’s Program’ is being extended throughout all of 2019.

“We are excited to continue our great partnership with the Law Offices of William Mattar again and to provide this life-saving program for the community” say’s Michael Mule, CEO of Designated Drivers of Buffalo. “This year we wanted to change things up and recognize that being safe is not just about one night a year.  The new program will give people a chance to be safe and use their free or discounted rides throughout the holidays as well as all of next year. This program has been able to provide thousands of rides to party-goers over the years and has significantly reduced the amount of drinking and driving in our community”.

To participate in the program and receive a free or discounted ride from Designated Drivers of Buffalo, individuals must register at  Participants will automatically be enrolled in a free 1-year membership to Designated Drivers of Buffalo and receive a free or discounted ride to use for DDOB services. More information on DDOB services can be found at

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