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Slide Show | Frozen – The Buffalo Turkey Trot 2018

Author: Photographer Glenn Murray

The 2018 Turkey Trotters came in waves: first, a few elite runners, striding like graceful gazelles, then clusters of steady-paced runners with focused eyes. Their athletic attire reflected the pursuit of race times goals, without care for frivolity.  

Following the initial waves were crowded mobs of costumed runners with various expressions of joy and grim determination. Some were wrapped in arctic-style parkas and a few were practically naked.  A special prize should be given to the dude wearing nothing but a Speedo.    

At the tail of the Trot were gaggles of folks walking as the race concluded.  Most were laughing and smiling, and a few had expressions I interpreted as “Dear God, what was thinking?”   

From start to finish,  I saw a spirit of camaraderie – I never saw anyone give up.  

I’ve taken photos of this race for many years, and with this year’s most bitter cold ever, more faces were covered, thus there were more blanketed smiles, but it was a spirited adventure for everyone, no matter what their time or attire.

Buffalo is often times compared to other cities, and ranked in many categories.  If there is a ranking for the city where people enjoy all kinds of adventures in all kinds of weather – in my book, Buffalo is #1!  

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