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Onward Hertel – Hair by Jordan Pursel

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Buffalo Rising) | Sometimes there is a universal pull to take you where you need to be.  Life has its own way of speaking to us, though much of the time we can’t yet see the underlying framework that is being laid before us.  But when it is time to lay down your foundation, to rise up to the challenge, and take a risk, it is so magnificent when everything is so aligned, so meant to be.

These were my first few thoughts as I sat down to talk with Jordan Pursel, about the opening of Hertel Avenue’s newest salon, Hair by Jordan Pursel.  Jordan opened for business on November 6, yet the feeling of warmth and permanence radiates upon walking in. The feeling, for me, was completely unexpected – it truly seemed like she has been there for years.  Jordan’s decision to open at this location was very clearly meant to be.

Mirror stations custom made by Victoria Ciostek at Knotty Moose

Having started her career in Boston over thirteen years ago, Jordan has honed her skills through the years, developing an affinity for certain methods and techniques.  Her coloring technique is balayage, a French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.”  The process allows for an extremely natural looking highlight, almost akin to those beautiful natural highlights children possess.  Another balayage advantage is the softer, less noticeable regrowth factor.  It’s a freehand technique, and works with each haircut, and the client’s unique natural growth patterns. To able to master and offer this, one has got to be pretty on top of things.  Thankfully, this is Jordan’s wheelhouse – offering her clients a custom, bespoke experience, as her signature service. For those that prefer dry cutting for texture, that is another signature service that is offered at the salon.

The aforementioned skills perfectly jibe with the cosmopolitan atmosphere Jordan has managed to so effortlessly evoke with her salon. This all comes naturally to her – she feels that her clientele is her family and wants each person who walks through her door to enjoy every aspect of the time spent there.

As Jordan puts it, “Time, especially as women, is the new currency.”

Gallery-esque salon features works by Erlo

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working too many hours at your job, or simply feel like you’re always over committing to the many, never-ending obligations of life, Jordan is one step ahead of you.  She knows all too well, being the mother of three children herself, that self-care typically comes last on our to-do lists. The minute the client walks in, and chooses to spend precious time with her, rest assured that she will absolutely make the best of that time. Whether it’s the tea, coffee, or wine service (always on the house), or the hotel slippers, or the boot warmer during these colder months, Jordan rolls out the comforts, within her welcoming, revitalizing, and soothing four walls.

Artwork by Peter Fowler

Then there’s the inviting emerald velvet couch which I envision will get so many hours of use.  Whether it’s kicking back after a long day, serving as a “therapy session” during a current life shake up, or offering a comfy perch to discuss a recent Hertel Avenue purchase, Jordan sees her salon as a home away from home.  Even her hours embody this notion – she does not keep standard “banker hours”.  It is so refreshing to see such flexibility with her by appointment business model. She prides herself in trying her hardest to accommodate all schedules.

Even the products she chooses to offer her clients are in tune with her vision. Hair by Jorden Pursel is an exclusive Davines salon.  These are luxurious products, sure, but they also focus on “sustainable beauty”, and adhere to a code of quality, family, individuality, and diversity.  These environmentally friendly products encourage the sort of self-care fostering that goes hand in hand with the lifestyle that she hopes to promote.

Jordan has certainly watched people transform through hair.  And yet for her, hair is much more than the perfect color or cut.  Jordan has come into her own with this next phase of her career; embodying a quiet strength, a peacefulness, and a true sense of confidence.  I for one, can not wait to spend more time in this stylish feminine oasis.

Hair by Jordan Pursel | 1203 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, NY  14216 | 716-480-9651 |

Written by Amelia Nussbaumer

Amelia Nussbaumer

Amelia began her initial professional career in LA, when she opened up a successful clothing boutique. But she found her true calling with cooking when she returned back to her chosen hometown of Buffalo (she's originally from NYC). Amelia has cooked at some of the top restaurants in Buffalo, and continues to exercise her culinary know-how by writing for Buffalo Rising - the magazine that prompted her to move back home.

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