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Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls Season Closer | Buffalo team takes on the Los Angeles Renegade Rollergirls

Typically, when one looks forward to the coming weekend, thus beginning to plan a Friday night, the usual lists of places, and local haunts, start to enter the mind.  We all become guilty of falling into our routines, not usually expanding our perspective options unless it’s a must-try hot new restaurant, bar, or can’t miss show.  Well, I’ve got something special to add to that list. 

If you’re looking to break away from your predictable routine, the Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls are playing their final bout of the season against the Los Angeles Renegades.  This is a unique and lively way to kick off your weekend. The energy becomes infectious, as the room really does turn electric.  The pace of the game is naturally super fast, as the teams go for the gusto, lap after lap.

Seeing as this is a Renegade derby league (West Coast style), there is hardly any whistle blowing, and very few penalties are called. Instead, fans get to see plenty of body bruising takedowns. Typically outlawed moves such as tripping, upper and lower body checks, and slide tackles are allowed in the Renegade league.  This keeps the energy at a constant high and the action seemingly never ending.  In fact, all of the action becomes quite intoxicating, and you can’t help but to connect with all of the intensity that is being played out, because the action is literally right at your feet.

With so few games in a season, typically one per month starting in April, you should use this season finale as a great reason to acquaint yourself with this intense, no holds barred sport.

And remember, it may sound a bit rough… and it is… but the bouts are always family friendly, so bring the kiddos along.

Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls Season Closer

Friday, November 9, 2018

7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Doors open at 7:30pm and first whistle is at 8:00pm.

New Skateland Arena | 33 E Ferry Street | Buffalo, New York 14209

Tickets are $12 at the door or $10 in advance from your favorite derby player

Concessions are also sold at Skateland, which consists of beer, soda, pizza, among other snacks

See Facebook event

Written by Amelia Nussbaumer

Amelia Nussbaumer

Amelia began her initial professional career in LA, when she opened up a successful clothing boutique. But she found her true calling with cooking when she returned back to her chosen hometown of Buffalo (she's originally from NYC). Amelia has cooked at some of the top restaurants in Buffalo, and continues to exercise her culinary know-how by writing for Buffalo Rising - the magazine that prompted her to move back home.

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