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Inspired by the Local Refugee Movement – Nate Cronk’s premier release of his song, and video, “Come To Buffalo”

It has been over a year in the making, but Nathan Cronk, local musician, singer and songwriter, has successfully released his latest composition, backed by a stunning video, titled, Come To Buffalo. Originally written, and recorded in the winter of 2017, video production began shortly after. Undaunted by a few production delays, the video was completed, and released on November 2. Cronk’s first large scale video production, Christmas Lights, a romantic, holiday themed ballad released in December 2016 received considerable local recognition, and praise, in both the local music community, and the media.

Come To Buffalo was written with the initial intention of pushing away the negative rhetoric surrounding people who immigrate to the United States from other nations, and instead focusing on the welcoming, and appreciative nature of the people of Buffalo who help those in need get a new start. But along the way, a more personal note was discovered.

Regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or nationality, human beings are valuable. No policy can change this truth. No rhetoric will diminish the value of life. May we be those who fight for more than we fight against. May we open more doors than we close. May we be the City of Good Neighbors.

As Cronk explains, “Come to Buffalo started as a song to welcome refugees, and at the end of it all, I’ve realized it’s also very much about me. I was once the refugee, and Buffalo gave me a place to start over.”

Cronk was quick to note that putting together a quality song, and video, isn’t an individual accomplishment, and it takes a team effort.

“The music would not have been the same without Brian Moore who worked his magic in mixing, Jessika Schreiber, and Alex Tahauri who sang background vocals, and Mark Johnson who did amazing work on the string arrangement,” Cronk continued, “The video was directed, and conceptualized by the insanely talented Jason Jurewicz. The rest of the crew was there for a tough, all day shoot, and they did such great work. Everyone is listed at the end of the video but thanks for those we forgot to include.”

The video release for Come To Buffalo can be viewed on Facebook.

The song Come To Buffalo can be purchased for download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Written by Paul Fanara

Paul Fanara

Paul Fanara is a photographer, writer, and artist living in Buffalo, New York. He founded Living In The Buff Studio as his photography label in 2007, after being an active photographer for over 20 years. Now, in his tenth year of professional photography, he has expanded his talents, and interests to include film-making, and acting. Paul is currently the event photographer for the Community in Buffalo, is an active journalist in Buffalo, and published monthly in Act Dance Model Sing Magazine, based in Los Angeles. Currently, he has joined local film makers with the 48-Hour Film Project, and now writes, directs, and acts with the Buffalo Filming Group, "Welcome to Lovejoy." Find him on-line at

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