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Hoop Dance Returns to The Bird’s Nest Circus Arts‎

These days, hooping is a year round activity. While hooping might be especially fun outdoors at parks with friends, and at the beach while listening to a Dj, the cooler months are the perfect time to practice and learn new skills. The best way to get better at hooping is to learn from others.

On Wednesday, November 7, hooper extraordinaire Ben Berry will be teaching an intermediate Hoop Dance session at The Bird’s Nest. The course will allow hoopers who already possess the fundamentals to:

  • Achieve a newfound depth and richness in their hoop dance practice
  • Students will learn advanced variations of fundamental techniques
  • Learn drill control of the hoop
  • Integrate elements of dance (i.e. space, timing, shapes, lines, levels)

You’ve got a some time to practice until spring comes around. That means that you’ve got some time to learn some new tricks and techniques. What better place to step up your game than at The Bird House.

The Intermediate Hoop Dance Series is $18 drop in, or $90 for the full six weeks. It’s Wednesdays 11/7-12/12 6-7:30 p.m., some experience is recommended but I can meet people where they’re at,” said Berry.

Intermediate: Hoop Dance Returns to The Bird’s Nest Circus Arts‎

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Class starts at 6pm and is one hour and 30 minutes

The Bird’s Nest Circus Arts | 64 Fillmore Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14210

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See Facebook event page

Students should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of a majority of the fundamental techniques covered in the level one hoop dance curriculum. These techniques include waist hooping both directions, waist hooping while moving through space, sustained spinning, passing around the waist and head, hand hooping on both hands in both directions, hand hooping above the head (“halo”), basic weaves, helicopter, smear, basic escalators, basic wedgies, leg hooping, chest hooping, shoulder hooping, basic isolation, basic chest roll, and basic foot hooping. No formal dance training is required, the creative movement explorations are accessible to all levels. If you are unsure that you are ready for the intermediate level, email Benjamin Berry at  to discuss your concerns.

Then, on Saturday, November 1o, Ben Berry is back with Beginner Hoop Dance Fundamentals. This course is designed to get the newbies up to speed with the hoop practices, which can get pretty intense. This class is for those who are inexperienced, but it is also for those who have not hooped in a while. It’s time to connect, or reconnect, with the hoop, by learning the basics while building control.

The single time workshop on Beginner Hoop Dance Fundamentals is $25 a head, that one is 3-5 p.m. this Saturday (November 10) and is followed by a donation based indoor flow jam for all kinds of object manipulation play of all levels!”

The Bird’s Nest Circus Arts | 64 Fillmore Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14210

Click here to sign up

See Facebook event page

Ben has been teaching since 2015, when he connected with the online hooping community by participating in Hooping Idol Season 5 and the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe contest. This ultimately earned him’s “Male Hooper of the Year 2015,” as well as nominations for “Tutorial of the Year,” “Instructor of the Year,” and “Video of the Year.” He enjoys helping his students become more confident, embodied, and expressive. Recently, he has begun offering hoop dance programs in areas such as after-school, libraries, and community events.

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