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Changing America: The Women’s March

The Women’s March on Washington in 2017 seems like it took place just yesterday, mainly because of the magnitude of the event. It was an occurrence that opened the doors for women, who immediately understood the impact of the march – it fully demonstrated the awesome power of women to affect change throughout the world. 

In the wake of that powerful march, three Buffalo women have stepped up to write a book about their experience at the event. Changing America: The Women’s March includes “funny, poignant, and relevant pictures” to go along with the writings. 

Interview with Cristina Logal, who co-authored the book, along with Erin Farley, and Mary Logan:

What inspired you to co-write this book?

My colleagues and I were energized during the lead up to the 2016 election and when we heard about The Women’s March on Washington, we knew we had to attend. We had to be involved. Being there, it was beyond electric to see all of these women, their signs, their passion and we felt like we had to do something to capture that moment in time in some way. We decided on our ride home from Washington that we should write a book! At first, it was just going to be a collection of pictures and famous quotes. However, over the past two years, women’s rights have been continually threatened by this administration and the book continued to evolve into more than just a collection of pictures.

What can readers take away from this book?

Readers should be able to take away the passion, excitement and energy we experienced when we were at The Women’s March. The photos shown in the book are all user submitted from marches across the country and represent the views of women and men across the country.

Why do you think topics you address are important/relevant?

Women’s Rights and Equality are issues being threatened and undermined every day from state, local and national offices across this country. The Women’s March was the beginning of a movement to change this dynamic.  The 2018 Midterm Elections showed us how this movement was able to flip so many House and Local Governments to better represent the constituency they represent.

We think that this book is important because if we don’t know where we came from and what started a movement, we can’t move forward. We hope that this book can help inspire other women to feel empowered, to become involved in government, write a book, protest or anything else that they can do to become civically involved and help move forward an agenda of Equality and Inclusiveness.

Click here to order the book, which is published by Rock Paper (Safety) Scissors Publishing – 429 Englewood Avenue, Kenmore, New York 14223 | 716-935-0570 | Also find the book on Facebook

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