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Homegrown Kitchen is a Hometown Hit

Today I went to lunch with someone who was very particular about what she was eating… and what she wasn’t eating. She was in the mood for something healthy, but she was eating “keto”, which meant that she was avoiding carbs among other things. So I suggested that we head on over to Homegrown Kitchen on Main Street, which opened earlier this summer.

First of all, I have to say that Homegrown Kitchen is one of the more enticing lunch spots around, because it is aesthetically pleasing. It’s beautiful, in fact. It’s modern, but it’s not over the top modern. It’s easy to navigate, there is plenty of seating, there are a ton of healthy options, and there are even two porch swings!

Upon walking up to the order counter, we were met by a young woman, who led us through the various options. I started with a Café Nutella smoothie (coffee, Nutella, banana, shaved coconut, with coconut and almond milk) which was absolutely fantastic. It was just what the doctor ordered, even though the weather was on the cooler side today. My friend built her own salad – similar to what you might find at Chipotle. Instead of a salad, I opted for the “Avocado Sesame” wheat wrap, filled with chopped Romaine, avocado, sesame roasted tofu, bean sprouts, and crispy wontons, with honey sesame dressing. Both orders were whipped up pretty darn quick. So we took our food over to the porch swings and began to eat… and we even swung a little bit. Once my smoothie was delivered, we were both in heaven. 

My wrap was huge. It was almost overloaded, which was fine with me. My only quibble about mine was that I wish there was a little bit more dressing in the wrap. I know that I could have easily solved that dilemma, but I was too wrapped up in my conversation to head back to the counter. My only complaint about hers was that it was served up in a plastic bowl, with a plastic cover. Seeing that Homegrown Kitchen is located directly across from the Medical Campus, I’m sure that they get a lot of people ordering take-out. But most of the people that I saw come in were eating at tables. It would be nice to have the option of a real bowl for those who are staying and eating. Thankfully they did have recycle stations, so we were able to discard everything properly.

For some background on the restaurant, you can check out the article that I did on Homegrown Kitchen this past May. The eatery is a super addition to the Bosch Building, which was at one time in jeopardy of being demolished. Now, the building looks superb, and it has managed to attract a fine tenant. Aside from the great food and the porch swings, I love that Homegrown Kitchen is open on Saturdays! That’s good news for nearby residents, and it’s also good news for anyone who over at the Medical Campus who works weekends. If this restaurant was in my neighborhood, I would pretty much live there. Thankfully, it’s not that far away.

Homegrown Kitchen | 916 Main Street | Buffalo NY | 716-235-8211 | Menu

M – F : 11am –  8pm | Sat: 11am – 6pm

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