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Elmwood Avenue Lands Another New Mural

Just in time for the Elmwood Avenue Octoberfest celebration this weekend, a new mural has been applied to the Poster Art building at the corner of Elmwood and Bird – 1055 Elmwood Avenue. According to the Elmwood Village Association, the artwork “celebrates diversity, welcoming visitors to the Elmwood Village with childhood portraits of iconic artists.”

The names of the international artists, as children, are not provided on the mural, leaving it up to the passerby to figure out who they are.

The mural was made possible thanks to the efforts of Mark Corsi from Poster Art, Councilmember Joel Feroleto, and the Elmwood Village Association (EVA), with help from local artist Michael Gelen, Zoom Copy’s illustrator Bill Jankowski, and installer Andrew House. 

“We wanted to showcase a diverse group of icons and legends. Instead of using their adult images, we used childhood photos and included clues to their identity in the background of the images,” says Mark Corsi, owner of Poster Art, located at 1055 Elmwood Avenue for more than thirty years.

“As a longtime resident of the Elmwood Village, I loved Mark’s concept and was very excited to work on this public art project,” says Michael Gelen of Inkwell Studios, artist for the 1055 Elmwood mural. Gelen worked with local illustrator Bill Jankowski of ZoomCopy. 

This is the third new art installation that has been bestowed upon the Elmwood Village in the recent past. Street art is a welcome addition to a district that has always been artistic and colorful in nature. The new mural effort is part of the EVA’s 2018 Strategic Plan, which includes an enhanced effort to create energized public spaces along the commercial corridor.

The former Mother Nature building is currently vacant, but there is a push to turn the empty storefronts into objects of interest, even if that means plastering the windows with iconic album covers.

Instead of staring at an empty storefront, there is something visually appealing about a colorful storefront, even if there is no business located inside. It’s a message that keeps people guessing, while adding conversational design elements to the street. The album covers montage that you see above was the first component to be installed by the owner of the building. A second component is a new mural that was recently painted on the side of the building, which faces the Cecelia’s patio – it’s a mural that features a series of red lips.

“I am very excited to partner with the Elmwood Village Association on the new mural at Poster Art! Public art benefits communities aesthetically and increases foot traffic. This is the third mural completed on Elmwood in the last few months including the mural at Forty Thieves at 727 Elmwood and at 712 Elmwood Avenue,” says Delaware District Councilmember Joel Feroleto.

Tesla mural at Forty Thieves – 727 Elmwood Avenue | By Rory Allen at Zoom Copy | Sponsored by Feroleto and the EVA

“We are excited for new public art in the Elmwood Village. It further establishes our community as a center for creativity and collaboration. To say that we are excited for Octoberfest is an understatement! This weekend, Buffalonians will enjoy a collaborative, one-of-a-kind fall event produced by local small business owners with live entertainment throughout the neighborhood,  along with family-friendly events, including Thistle Creek Farm alpacas on Saturday,” said Paul Tsouflidis, Owner of Acropolis OPA.

Poster Art mural images courtesy Zoom Copy

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