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2018 The Witches Ball will feature over 200 Performers

If you’re planning on attending this year’s The Witches Ball, then you’re in luck. This is the year that there will be over 200 performers at the ball, ranging from DJs and VJs to Buffalo’s newest Rick James tribute band.

While the VIP tix are sold out, there is still a chance to get your general admission tickets to the Halloween event of the year.

2018 The Witches Ball is dedicated to the legends of rock n roll, with five stages dedicated to famous clubs.

This year we are headlining Nerds Gone Wild and XOXO. But that’s just the start. Tiger Chung Lee is a “funked up rock and roll group” hailing from all corners of Western New York, with a sound that’s a cross between AC/DC and Soul Man. Complete with a horn section – this group will blow you away!

Plus, introducing Buffalo’s newest Rick James tribute band featuring Preach Freedom as Rick James, along with fellow WNY musicians, Calvin Parmer, and Rod Bonner.

Here’s the full Line-up:


Nerds Gone Wild in WNY | XOXO Pop Band | Tiger Chung Lee | Lazy Ass Destroyer | Skinbound | Rabbit Jaw | Surfing Cadavers | Rick James Tribute Band | Coffin Hook | Navigation Guild

DJs & VJs

Nate Howell | Sunglasses Mike | Ted Hawkins | Charlie Abbott | Superstar DJ Slobbanozzle | VJ Dave Sif | Nate Howell | Creespo | MK Ultra, San Diego CA | Chad Lock | DJ MatKa

Silent Disco featuring DJ BANDO


Foxy Entertainment | Random Ninjaz Crew | Buffalo Aerial Dance


MaddGrafix Art Gallery | Magician, Joe Maxwell (8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.) | Dragged Out by Jayme Coxx | Balloon Brothers, Joe Mock (9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.) | Professional Cos Players by Maritzalyn Mercado | Super freak, Arlowe Price | Zombies and other roaming artists

Haunt Experiences

Mason Winfield | WNY Paranormal Society | Terror Technologies | The Seven One Six Sideshow by Maddtat2 | Virtual Reality | LIVE Podcast by Living Dead Girls | Rock n Roll Green Screen

Black Carpet | Virtual Costume Contest | Photography by Living in the Buff


A treasured annual feature of The Witches Ball is our Psychic Lounge where guests can sneak away from the festive mayhem to catch a moment of counsel from the other world, and at a prime season of the year. That, after all, was the original meaning of Halloween. It was the Day of the Dead, and the night of the returning spirits. As with earlier years, The Witches Ball Psychic Faire is arranged by author Mason Winfield as a spin of his company Haunted History Ghost Walks (HHGW), Inc., Western New York’s original outfit of supernatural tourism. “I’m a researcher and, frankly, a storyteller,” says Winfield. “Talking to the spirits isn’t one of my skills. But I have some very valued Spiritualist friends who believe that that is exactly what they do. Who am I to argue with their faith? Besides, there are a lot of people who want to hear from them. I am happy to involve their perspectives at The Witches Ball.” A handful of readers and psychic mediums will be waiting in the atmospheric lounge/bar area of the Hotel Statler to offer their insights. It will be a perfect night for a visit with the other side. “Halloween is more than just a party,” says Winfield. “It’s also a prime night to go within and try to reach back to the ancestors. The two avenues really do belong together. The Witches Ball is one of the few events you will ever attend at which you can experience them both.” Join Mason in the Psychic Lounge and learn what awaits you in 2019 and beyond!

The Witches Ball 2018 – Annual Masquerade Halloween Escapade

Saturday, October 27

7 PM – 1 AM

Statler City | 107 Delaware Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14202


Event Host: Buffalo Rising

VIP Sponsor: Bootleg Bucha

Designated Driver: Bootleg Bucha

Event Sponsors: MaddGrafix | MaddTat2 | Maritzalyn Mercado | SE² Silent Disco

Beverage Sponsors: Jägermeister | Lockhouse Distillery | Bootleg Bucha

Official event photography and videography by: Living in the Buff | Photography By Nico | Buffalo Branded

Follow The Witches Ball by visiting this Facebook event page

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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