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Big Reveal: 1159 Main

Dr. Fadi Dagher has a new plan for the former Buffalo Travel Lodge site at Main and Dodge streets.  A five-story, 215-unit apartment building is now proposed for the site located near the Summer-Best light rail station.

Dagher purchased and demolished the run-down motel in 2014 and proposed a new hotel for the site.  The hotel plan was ditched in 2016 and plans for a four-story, 90,000 sq.ft. office building were drawn up for the site.

Dagher’s Cedarland Development/D&S Capital Real Estate is working with student housing specialist Blackfish Investments on the project.  From the project application:

D & S’s proposed Project consists of a high-quality, 5-story mixed-use redevelopment on three vacant parcels located at the corner of Main and Dodge Streets currently known as 1159 Main and 11 & 19 Dodge Streets in the City of Buffalo.  The combined approximately 1.551 acre Site is the location of the former, dilapidated Buffalo Tourist Lodge, and has been vacant and utilized for surface parking since the lodge was demolished in July of 2014.

The approximately 130,000 SF building will include approximately 215 apartment units (consisting of 85 one-bedroom, 15 two-bedroom and 115 studio apartments), as well as three ground-level commercial spaces of approximately 1,200 SF each. The apartment units will be located on floors 1 – 5 (the 1st floor will include 4,200 SF of residential amenity, office and co-work space), and the 5th floor will feature interior lounge space with an adjacent exterior rooftop deck.

Great care has been given to the design of this vibrant and modern mixed-use building, which is intended to maximize compliance with UDO standards. Further, based upon D & S’ consultation with Councilman Darius Pridgen and outreach to neighboring residents and property owners, D & S has undertaken changes to the Dodge Street façade to enhance its residential appearance in order to respect and benefit adjoining land uses. The resulting building design incorporates many architectural features that will create visual interest including, among other things, a highly articulated façade that features balconies, creative window patterns and dynamic lighting effects that both echo the City’s radial street design and transit system and foreshadow the diverse architecture of the burgeoning medical campus to the south. Streetscape improvements will include 12 street trees in the furnishing zone and five planters along the building frontage zone trees on Main Street and Dodge Street. The rooftop of the 5th floor will feature an energy-efficient solar panel system.

Site ingress and egress will occur via Dodge Street only. Although the UDO prescribes no minimum parking requirements, the project will include 89 off-street vehicular parking spaces behind the building as well as an enclosed bicycle storage area to serve the needs of residential and commercial users at this transit-oriented development.

Three variances are needed from the Zoning Board of Appeals that will consider the project at its meeting on September 19:

  • Parking Lot Greenspace – The requirement for 10% interior greenspace in the parking lot under UDO § 7.1.5(C)(1) (the site plan calls for 6.5 % interior greenspace due to the irregular lot configuration);
  • Double Island Dimensions – the requirement for parking lot double row interior islands of 8′ feet in width and 300 SF under UDO § 7.1.5.C.3(b) (the site plan calls double islands of widths ranging from 5′ – 14′ and SF ranging from 227 – 282.
  • Balcony Encroachment – the prohibition on ROW encroachment in UDO § 3.3.4, n. 3 (the balconies on Dodge Street encroach 1’ into the ROW).

Architectural Resources is designing the new building.

Get Connected: Cedarland Development, 716.217.9105

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