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RockPile Athletics opens on Main Street

There’s no stopping Buffalo’s desire to get fit. On September 8, RockPile Athletics will charge onto the scene, by hosting a grand opening for a new fitness business based on bootcamp style, Crossfit, and yoga classes. First, I must congratulate the owners, Matt Angelucci, Madeline Reale, and Carmen Reale, for coming up with a brilliant name for the business, which is a nod to the old War Memorial Stadium. Who wouldn’t want to work out at a place called RockPile Athletics? The name RockPile conjures up the days of tough athletes playing tough games in a war-torn atmosphere (the gym’s main street location is not far from the old RockPile location). Add to that, their mantra – “If you train like everyone else, you’ll be like everyone else.” Now that you’ve got the tiger by the tail, it’s time to put that tiger in the tank.

Owners Matt Angelucci, Madeline Reale, and Carmen Reale

“Here at the RockPile, our goal is to provide an offering that is unique, yet fits every athlete to walk through our door. We recognize that everyone’s goals are different, which is reflected in our programming structure.  Our core programming is built around fundamentals and technique, coupled with optional/scalable components, allowing athletes to have a program unique to their level of fitness. Collectively, our RP team has had the honor of being part of 11 Crossfit/Fitness communities before starting our own.” – RockPile Athletics

  • Crossfit – Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity levels, incorporates olympic lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, calisthenics & more
  • RP-Fit Bootcamp – High intensity strength and endurance program that incorporates functional movements and circuit training
  • RomWod & Moga Classes (mobility yoga) – To keep our athletes healthy and injury free, we offer mobility yoga classes, and always have RomWod stretching videos running in our athlete area
  • Programming released for the week – we plan our weeks in advanced to ensure each week builds on the next
  • Open Gym and Dedicated Athlete Area – You pay for a membership, we feel if you want to work on your lifts, or get some extra cardio in before that Bills game on Sunday, you should be able to
  • Optional Post Class Work for those athletes wanting supplemental work, that still fits within our program plan

RockPile Athletics is located across from Delta Sonic on Main Street, in the old (and newly refurbished) post office building (see here). The building, located at the corner of Main and Northampton has finally come to life – RockPile Athletics is the latest entrepreneurial entity to open at that location (entrance is in the back of the building). The impressive spacial size of the gym and fitness center allowed the owners to head in a lot of directions. They are priding themselves on being the backbone of a fitness community that works out together, plays together, and even hosts quarterly town hall meetings to learn what their members want to see unfold. 

Anyone interested in getting fit at RockPile Athletics is invited to stop by the grand opening September, 8, or any other time for that matter. Come check out the space, meet the owners and trainers, and get ready to get fit (FREE first class).

RockPile Athletics is open Monday-Saturday, M-F 5:30am, 6:30am, 5:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm (no 7:15 on F), and Sat 9, 10, 11am, running 2 classes at a time.

RockPile Athletics | 1235 Main Street | Buffalo NY 14209 | Facebook

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