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Punk Goes Burlesque: A Love Story

The queen of cabaret and burlesque, Vanessa Rae Oswald, is at it again. Vanessa (and friends) are taking the art of bawdy, risqué, and camp expression to another level, by participating in an ongoing series of staged skits at myriad venues throughout the city, orchestrated by Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret. In the process, the crew is cultivating an impressive cadre of performers, who are rallying together, in hopes of electrifying Buffalo’s eclectic cultural scene. 

When asked what drives the talents to produce and promote the upcoming show – Punk Goes Burlesque: A Love Story – Vanessa says, “This show brings old forms of artistic expression like cabaret and burlesque back into the spotlight in a fresh new way with the music of today. The mixture of theatre, song, and dance is something completely unique to Buffalo at the moment and we’re excited to bring this kind of show to the city to enrich its cultural scene. It exposes people to a different kind of entertainment that they didn’t even know they needed.”

This new show continues the narrative burlesque performance style of combining acting, poetry, live music, and burlesque dance to create their one-of-a-kind performances.

Ziggy Spruce, one half of the Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret, set to perform at the upcoming show, agrees with Vanessa’s sentiments, by saying, “The interesting thing is that burlesque is slowly becoming a big part of Buffalo’s cultural identity. Where it could be seen as a novelty there are now so many burlesque performers and types of acts that you have to take Buffalo’s burlesque scene seriously as its own art. The fact that we have a burlesque ‘scene’ in Buffalo is pretty amazing and an incredible thing to be a part of. What we try to do with these Moxy performances is to take something familiar, like the stories we tell or the songs we play, and create a unique and fleeting piece of new theater, and for a city as culturally rich as Buffalo I think that goes a long way.

Punk Goes Burlesque: A Love Story (the first of The Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret’s 3 new themed burlesque cabarets

Following up on the wildly successful “Choise of Valentines”, The Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret returns to the Gypsy Parlor on Wednesday, September 5 and Sunday, September 19, 2018 (8 p.m.)

“Punk Goes Burlesque” will feature dances from several of Buffalo’s talented burlesque dancers, including SugaTush (Vanessa Oswald), who choreographed “Choise of Valentines”

The Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret will again be providing the live music, this time featuring the songs of Rancid, Offspring, Nirvana, and more, performed in their stripped-down folk-punk signature style

Gypsy Parlor, 376 Grant Street, Buffalo NY 14213

$5 at the door

For more information visit

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