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ENCORE airing of Risky Builders puts Buffalo in the Spotlight

On Thursday August 9, ENCORE will be airing a cable/broadcast television episode of Risky Builders that will feature a number of Buffalo personalities. A previous HGTV series pilot was well received, with a healthy local rating. Now, Lorissa Naugle, Chris Naugle, and Blair Rusin are hoping that everyone tunes in again. If the show is considered a success, with high ratings, the team will have another opportunity to secure a full blown series for Buffalo.

Episode 1 of Risky Builders is airing on HGTV Thursday, August 9th at 11:00pm Eastern and with good ratings will be picked up for a series with HGTV.

According to the local personalities, getting the green light for the series would mean that local plumbers, carpenters, roofers, tilers, landscapers, retailers, and lumber yards would all benefit from the show’s success. It would also open some doors for local film companies (film-makers, sound techs, production assistants, etc.) to work on the sets. For example, DPost, located on Main Street, and Promotional Productions, located on Franklin Street, both helped produce the episode 1 pilot. 

“The half-hour pilot, which featured the renovation of a Clarence Center home, had a strong 3.3 live local rating, which is unusually high for a Sunday afternoon program here on cable or broadcast television. It kept the same rating for each 15-minute segment.” – By Alan Pergament | Published June 25, 2018 | The Buffalo News

ENCORE airing of Risky Builders | Thursday August 9th at 11:00pm on HGTV | After the Buffalo Bills pre-season game

About the team:

Chris is one of the co-founders of FlipOut Academy, a real estate education program, and has successfully completed over 200 real estate deals in the last few years along side his wife Lorissa. Chris spends his work week educating his students on real estate investing, while Lorissa is out in the field managing all the rehab projects that the couple does every single day in the Western NY Market.  Lorissa is an expert at flipping houses, with impeccable designs, and has her real estate license as well.

Blair is an artist and architect. Blair and Chris go way back through the snowboard industry. Both Chris and Blair are former professional snowboarders from the east coast, or should we say, “ice coast”. Snowboarding is such a key element for them, Chris’ first interest in real estate started with commercial real estate, when he opened a snowboard shop 20 years ago, and ended up developing an entire strip mall.

So with Blair’s artistic ability to turn anything into a piece of art, often referred to as “the Blair effect”, it was no question for these friends to team up.

The trio is able to see outside of the box, set themselves apart from the crowd, and have the best time doing it. Risky Builders is packed full of personality.

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