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Beat the heat at King Condrell’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop

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While the ‘origins’ of ice cream date back to the Chinese around 4,000 B.C., the first time a ‘recipe’ for Ice Cream appeared in print was in 1718. In her cookbook “Mrs. Mary Eales’s Receipts” the Englishwoman published the first recipe for modern day ice cream. The idea of the Ice Cream ‘cone’ was invented almost by accident when an Ice Cream vendor at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair ran out of dishes to serve his ice cream and worked with another nearby vendor to bend the waffle shells he was selling into a cone shape. Ice Cream now had a handle.

King Condrell’s Ice Cream and Candy

The name Condrell – and its Kenmore connection to ice cream – can be traced back to 1968 when Condrell’s opened on Kenmore Avenue. Around 1995 – after a few in-between buyers – candy maker Richard King took over the establishment. The Condrell’s sign remained for many years but behind the scenes King Condrell’s Candy & Ice Cream was born.

This past year has seen a few changes for King Condrell’s. The sign was redone; it now says King Condrell’s… and Richard and his team of candy makers have become Ice Cream makers as well. It’s nice to know that just beyond the ‘Sweet Shop’ style counters at King Condrell’s – there’s a whole lotta sweetness going on.

The shop is very kid friendly – even for the kid inside of us. First there are the display cases of dreamy candy. Concocted confections of nuts, cherries, chocolates, and marshmallows just waiting for the Willy Wonka in you to reach out and choose one. They have gift boxes of chocolates, and sponge candy, and a large selection of giant lollipops and suckers to choose from. I like to treat myself to a few pieces of dark chocolate raspberry jellies to-go.

So, then there’s the Ice Cream side of things; and it’s house-made. There are about 20 main flavors of Ice Cream on the menu plus special flavors that are available each week. One of my go-to favorites is Black Cherry, and I’m pretty consistent with that or with Pistachio; but there’s a flavor on the King’s menu that has some great taste – the Chocolate Explosion! It’s made with Chocolate (of course) and chunks of Chocolate (of course) plus brownies (naturally) and swirls of FUDGE. I mixed that with a scoop of Roasted Coffee and I was in Choco-Heaven.

Today though I wanted something a little different, so I ordered a Cherries Jubilee Sundae (vanilla Ice Cream and whipped cream) which tasted great but when it arrived it seemed like there ‘should’ have been an accent on top – a cherry or some sprinkles maybe? I only paused for a moment and surrendered to the sundae. It was Nice! Very nice. I washed down the ice cream and kept the brain freeze at bay with a cup of hot coffee (Yin and Yang you know). Then I enjoyed an old-fashioned Vanilla Malted milk shake and appreciated that they still serve Malt with their shakes.

The MAXIMUM Brain Freeze Sundae

Perusing the menu, I found a few interesting items. The first is a challenge! It’s called ‘Maximum Brain Freeze’ and it goes like this. “Ten Scoops of Your Favorite Ice Cream flowing with Strawberry & Pineapple Topping, Two Sliced Bananas, Plenty of Real Whipped Cream, & Fresh Roasted Nuts.”

“If ONE Person Eats the entire Brain Freeze, It’s FREE and you get a FREE T-Shirt!” Damn that’s a lotta Ice Cream!

But there’s more! Maybe you’re not in the mood for a challenge but you’ve got a large crew with you and you all want dessert. Not sure what to do with the baseball team? The dance team wants a treat to celebrate their win? King Condrell’s has something EVEN BIGGER! It’s called the ‘Kitchen Sink’ and it goes like this: ‘16 Scoops of Ice Cream, Any Two Sauces, Any Four Toppings Plus Whipped Cream and Cherries on top.” Careful, don’t fall in!

King Condrell’s offers milk shakes, sodas, smoothies, floats, coffee and tea and, in addition to their amazing candy selection, will soon be offering Ice Cream cakes and pies as well.

While we enjoy the Summer heat we can always enjoy a cool down as well – at King Condrell’s.

Menu: Extensive and full of quality and flavor.
Atmosphere: Colorful, vibrant and fun for kids young and old.
Service: Table side, friendly and knowledgeable.

King Condrell’s Candy & Ice Cream 2805 Delaware Ave Kenmore, New York (716) 877-4485 | Facebook


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